How do devotion chance ability rolls work

How do devotion rolls work for AOE and multi hit?

For example, an ability has 15% chance on hit to trigger. You put this on an AOE and hit 10 guys. Does it attempt the 15% chance 10 times, or just once?

Similarly, if you have an ability you cast once but hits several time (not damage over time, just several hits) does it roll every hit or just once for the initial cast?

Devotions (procs in general) seem to attempt to check for every instance of a hit.

So it’s a roll per instance of a target hit (and every tic of damage if the skill is a DoT; note that skills that have flat damage with a DoT component do not count for this rule).

I am 99% sure this includes attacks that can hit same target multiple times.

Its based purely on hit, which means multi hit and AoE have insanely high chances to proc devotions. Shadow Strike, for instance, has upwards of 4 instances of damage it does on a single target, Dual wield hits twice with it, and Nightfall hits twice if dual wielding as well, as well as hitting twice everything within a 5m radius with Nightfall. Combo that with the fact it has a 3.8 second base CD, which adds roughly 50-70% proc rate for devotions, it has a godlike devotion proc chance, to the point of being near 100% chance regardless of the base proc rate of the devotion itself.

Constellation procs favour:

  1. AoE skills - each target hit make a separate roll.
  2. Periodic skills (skills like CoF or Devouring Swarm - dont confuse with DoTs) - they “tick” each second, thus performing “check” each second.
  3. Skills with cooldown - %chance for successful check is increased for skills with cooldowns (the longer is CD, the higher is increase).


Just remember that a lot of devotion abilities and some item procs have cooldowns. An aoe that hits 15 times on the first tick doesn’t matter past the first success if the skill its triggering has a 5 second cooldown. It just makes it more likely that it will trigger.

Wind Devil simply sucks a$$ for proccing devotion skills. No one knows why.

I have to disagree on that. Maybe it used to suck, but given that each Wind Devil can proc its own cooldown of a Devotion, it is one of the better skills in the game for devotion procs. My Druid rather consistently has 6 Leviathan Whirlpools out at full ramp.