How do I farm mutagens/Missives ?

Do anyone knows how to farm mutagens/missives in an affective way ? I´ve been killing bosses/heroes in malmouth for like 2 hours now and only droped one of it. :undecided:

Drop rate is pretty low, its like farming manticore eyes back in time

Malmouth sewer where that mountain boss is. The hero density is insane and since only they drop them…

Or you can try the crown hill run to the fleshworks.

Crown Hill to Fleshoworks works well for me.

It really isn’t as bad as people say they are. On a casual session yesterday, with farming kill counts and hero kills in mind, I got 4 missives and 3 mutagens, just by spamming fleshworks.

I think those were in 3-5 runs, IIRC.
Get your reputation up to Hated or Nemesis to spawn more Hero monsters.
Add that to Fleshworks having 3 guaranteed Bosses (purples) much easier.

If you are already level capped it and you don’t care about rep or xp, might as well do the run in Elite.
Faster clears, and if I’m not mistaken, since levels still go up to the ~90’s plus, the chance to drop Mythicals is still there (not sure about this).