How do I repair buildings?

Many of my buildings need repairing. How do I repair those buildings?

Just make sure you have enough labourers/builders and that they’re not doing other stuff. They’ll get around to repairing them.

many thanks.

I never seem to have ernough builders. I have found that you can “move” a building right onto the same spot and it will be rebuilt to 100%. I would like to be able to click a button to prioritise repair - so builders don’t repair a shack and let the trading centre collapse…

It’s a great idea.

Yeah I’m for that, it’s stressful watching a vital building decay in repairs while builders repair other less important buildings first.

+1 to repair prioritise!

Buildings get repaired automatically by your builders. I’ve never had the issue that a building didn’t get repaired. Maybe slowing down a bit on your building orders would help. Give your builders time to get to repairing the building.

What I have been doing is clicking on the building then moving it to the same location…that will kick start a worker to go and fix it.

Definitely have to make sure you have enough builders. Especially if you’ve got tons of building projects going on simultaneously. I had this problem happen when I was doing some city improvements with lots of decorations. All of a sudden my buildings would start deteriorating and be left to decay while the builders were busy making the rest of the town pretty.

What I did was adjust the amount of builders to a ridiculously high level and as soon as the repairs were done put it back to a reasonable number. My town was up to 700 people and I had over 150 laborers so I just adjusted numbers here and there and the problem fixed itself. No pun intended.

Except they don’t. I have no constructions under way in my town and a handful of buildings that are geting close to 15% integrity. Nobody is doing anything about it.

Looks like 7.5d was just released to address this issue.

the repair thing is still a issue. Also I had buildings that were at 175% durability that were shows as 75% by the durability bar. Something is goofy out there folks lol.

Oh i see it’s in the patch notes. So no more 200% durability buildings? Darn haha