How do I start Ashes of Malmourth?

I’ve checked Google and the forums and I cant find any information on how to start the expansion content on Normal difficulty. I just finished the base game and unlocked Elite, and i want to see what the new expansion is like but I don’t know how to get to the new areas. What am I missing?


After killing Log you need to go to fort ikon, there you get the quest that enters the expansion.

Talk to Creed in Fort Ikon after killing Log then go east from Burrwitch Village

Thanks everyone!

i wonder if the new expansion, on Normal, will kick my butt like the Heroic mobs in Elite do now that I unlocked Elite difficulty. I will find out tonight :slight_smile:

Good Luck, it will get harder than Elite. You can switch over when things get hard and come back later

Elite has been tough enough at 44. I’m 50 now struggling through elite, but I have a whole bunch of unfinished quests from Normal, and there are still areas I haven’t uncovered in Normal (I admit, i’m in a rush to get to higher difficulties and better gear, haven’t had a legendary drop yet) and i think I just need to slow down and go back to normal. I haven’t worked on any reps yet, and my resistances are not good so definitely ahead of myself.

fort ikon then act 1