How Do Legendary Drops Work?

I am curious how legendaries drop on this game, I assume it’s RNG but do they drop according to your build or just drop random gear/weapon or all builds?

I ask this because since getting level 50 I have gotten 8 legendaries and only 2 that are somewhat decent for me to use, the rest have been guns and bows that I can not use as i am a melee commando.

I am currently level 65 and have been farming Veteran Bastion of Chaos since 50 for my gear.

Legendary items drop mostly random, however I think your level is factored in. Some / many helms can only be crafted, so you need to find the blueprints for them.

When you say “find” I assume that means simply get lucky with a drop :stuck_out_tongue: ?

Exactly. :smiley: Sounds, like you should aim for a ranged char next.

Blueprints are easier to find. Farm the nemesis bossess, their troves have high chance to drop blueprints.

Also Veteran BoC doesn’t cut it. Higher difficulty = higher drop chance. And try to kill the mobs in your way instead of ignoring them, i have noticed i get more legendaries from mobs than from bossess and troves

This is really untrue. In several hundred legendary drops I’ve seen 3 that weren’t from at least a hero+.

Bum rushing up to the boss/nemesis and only pausing for heros or troves is a great way to get legendary items. Helped me get more legendaries/hour when I figured that out - plus usually you can SEE if an enemy is holding a legendary or epic and just kill anyone who seems to be sporting some interesting duds.

To each his own i suppose. I’ve got better luck with trash mobs.

In short, they dont :slight_smile:
I was first under the impression that the drops of legendary items was ok. I have gotten many on my first run through the game on ultimate. But soon after I realised that altough they are dropping, none of them seem to benefit my build, or even had anything to do with one of my masteries.
In fact I found more legendaries for my friend who I was playing with then for one of my own chars.
Diablo 3 had this same problem in vanilla, and they later managed to do something about that. I hope that they are able to change some of the drops to be more specific, even though it’s harder for this game than for something as simple as a Diablo class.

And I’d say that’s really untrue. :stuck_out_tongue: The vast majority of my Legendaries have come from regular mobs. I get nothing from Heroes/Nemeses. :rolleyes:

You people are crazy. Even when I was clearing everything and its dog I was still seeing better than 10:1 as far as bosses vs trash mobs. When I started skipping trash if it came in small groups is when my legendaries/hour really took off.

Or you could just make a new character for all the goodies you find… Please don’t make this a D3 clone, sick of these posts.

D3 vanilla was just broken period, its possible to be self found and at least muddle your way to the end of ultimate, it wasn’t possible in D3 vanilla.

I could make another character when there is some kind of endgame + power leveling. Until that happens I have no intention of doing the campaign over and over yet again :confused:
And even then I need to make all mastery combos because there is too much rng in these drops.

The best way to farm for legendaries is by doing the crucible. I don’t think crate made Crucible the best farming route to get people to pay for the DLC, but rather the increased Legendary drop rate from Crucible is justified by its relatively higher mob density. But yeah, Crucible best farming place.