How do player-scaling pets work?

I know they scale with player’s +%damage bonuses, but do they benefit from anything else?

Benefit also from your offensive ability.

Sorry for the minor necro, but I have the exact same question.

The tooltip on the skill icon for Summon Guardian of Empyrion shows:

214-397 Physical damange
182 Fire damage

According to Grimtools, rank 4 Physical is 47-87 and Rank 4 Fire is 45. I’m assuming Grimtools shows the base numbers without applying player bonuses.

How’s the math working here? My physical/fire % modifiers aren’t high enough to account for the differences.

I think GT shows only base skills damage.Your percentage damage pushes Guardians.

GT always shows base damage. You have to do the math on your own.

Sorry I wasn’t clear.

I’m asking for somebody else to do the math for me, because I don’t know what all affects the damage numbers. I thought it would just be the percentage modifiers, but like I said (and you can see what those modifiers are in the GT link), the math doesn’t work out. My physical modifier for instance is +167%. But that isn’t nearly enough to take the guardian’s physical damage from the base range of 47-67 to the in-game tooltip’s display of 214-397.

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Add in the modifier to Physical Damage from Cunning. :wink:

Might as well ask, the Hell Hound Fire Aura WILL affect Skeletons right?

Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile: Yes, it should do. Any pet based pets within it’s radius should benefit from it. Not sure if player based ones would though.

Cunning is already accounted for.

Did you check with or without Ascension active?

Never trust tooltip damage, it is buggy as fuck.

Btw, you need my EoR Warlord budget guide I think :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the guide. I’ll keep in mind if/when I start having trouble

They won’t I believe. I tested this exhaustively with a deathstalker and blood of dreeg, the flat damage does not show up on player scaled pets. Aura like that, likely to have the same result.