How do you bind your keys?

Perhaps this has been asked before, excuse me in that case. So I’m left handed, that is the first important information. With arpg’s what I always do first is rebind everything. I love to play in a way that I have everything that I use all the time on the grasp on my single hand and 5 fingers (obviously). In Grim Dawn I’m also using map all the time, so I like to have it under my fingertips also. The same applies to inventory. I use 3 standard mouse buttons for standard actions, I also like to adjust the camera all the time when playing. I have some extra mouse buttons, but I’m not used to using them and I prefer the keyboard for everything else.

I’ve been having problems with caster characters with a lot of spells from as far as I can remember! When I have more than 4 active skills that I use all the time problems begin. I always have 3 fingers on num keys, my thumb is on a space bar, which I use for walking (I love alternating between my thumb and leftclick for walking, at least I got 2 buttons for this because otherwise one of those fingers would get tired way faster). I use my pinky finger mainly just for opening the map. All other keys like potions, inventory, weapon switch are close together and I already have a muscle memory where they are so I can press them in an instance. I always use other designated keys when possible, meaning I won’t ever have potions on my num keys, num keys are for skills only.

For characters with a lot of permanent buffs, I always use a second skill tab for those, so I don’t accidentaly press anything and unbuff myself at a critical moment. This of course has it’s drawbacks as it sometimes takes a tad longer to rebuff yourself (especially with the new xpac nullify mobs being present).

My only problem here is the lack of extra fingers, so if I have 4 active skills I don’t have problems because I use my index for 2 close together skills without having to look to the keyboard. But this becomes the problem with 5 skills because I have to first “feel” the fourth num button and then move my index finger way further onto the fifth button. That way I’m slower on casting, which can have a slightly negative effect and can sometimes even be the difference between life and death. I’ve been thinking about using numpad instead and perhaps get a feel for those 3 rows of numbers with my fingers. I do think that looking to the keyboard in between fights is by far the worse possible idea and I try to avoid that.

I do think however that using numpad in GD is impossible alltogether. I have to check again, but if memory serves I’ve tried that already. Also if it would be possible, I’d still lose my well established muscle memory, had to learn a new one. Also I’d loose all those valuable binds in the vicinity, which I’ve gotten used to and serves me well.

When you use numpad you have just the numpad and this would be another big drawback.

I’m very eager to hear about your systems, how do you achieve the highest possible levels of ergonomy/effectivenes with your binding?

I’m also left handed but i’ve never used my left hand for the mouse. My pet conjurer’s setup is:

LMB - Move
RMB - Devouring Swarm
Q - HP potion
W - Blood of dreeg
E - Curse
R - Doom Bolt
F - Pet attack
G - Pet potion

1 - Wildcaller active
2 - Primal Spirit
3 - Aether Cluster
4 - Elixer of the hunt

T - Switch hotbar
(second hotbar)
Q - Hellhound
W - Familiar
E - Briarthorn
R - Mana potion
rest of hotbar - Buffs/auras

S - Skills
C - Character
V - Quest log
Tab - Map

Discord PTT - Ctrl