How do you decide between 2 weapons?

SO how do you tell if an item is better if you can’t trust the DPS alone? My Physical 2H FW Commando just found a weapon that has a better damage range, it says +76dps (84-157 to 88-274), but it loses +35% physical damage. How does that +35% factor in? Does the dps calculator just look at the main weapon damage range? I obviously don’t need attack speed as FW works with casting speed. Thanks for any help!

No it does not factor in that Forcewave needs cast speed

It does. The yellow weapon just has a lot bigger base damage than the blue one.

Worth mentioning that the yellow has less armour piercing as well so less Physical damage is getting turned into Piercing. This applies to the Physical on Forcewave as well.

Also, you can compare weapons without components/augments by holding CTRL.

Totally forgot about that, thanks! Haven’t played in 2 years…

To expand on this idea, does the game base the DPS on the LMB attack you have set?

Yes, that’s what it does.