How do you dual wield guns?

I’ve been reading builds and many of them talk about wielding 2 guns and they don’t have the dual wield class.

I tried putting a gun in my offhand, and it doesn’t work. Is there an ability you get later, or a piece of equipment that is letting them use 2 guns?

For now I’m using a mage foci in my off hand (as it gives me the most %fire damage).

I’m confused!:slight_smile:

There are various pieces of equipment that allow you to do so.

Here are some (probably all) of them:

Gunslinger’s Jacket (and the Empowered variant):’s-Jacket’s-Jacket

Marauder’s Ammo Belt (and the Empowered variant):’s-Ammo-Belt’s-Ammo-Belt

Barrelsmith’s Salvo and Crossfire:’s-Salvo’s-Crossfire

Gunslinger’s, Marauder’s and Plunderer’s Talisman:’s-Talisman’s-Talisman’s-Talisman

[EDIT]: Pyroclasm’s Mark:

Note: You can buy the blueprint from the Devil’s Crossing faction vendor when you are at Respected status, and then can craft it from any blacksmith. This is the most sure-fire way to duel-wield pistols. I believe that with each item, all the proc chances happen separately, so if you have two different items allowing you to duel-wield pistols, you can end up firing each pistol multiple times per ‘attack’. At least, that’s how it works to the best of my knowledge.

Ahh a Fire Strike virgin… What a wonderful thing to still see people like you roaming the wonderous world of Cairn.

We’ve all been there, Wolfy. Trust me when I say this :wink:

Heed Flying Potato’s words as they are wise and take care with each step you take.

Above all else - have fun, bud! :smiley:


Thank you both:)

At least now I know i’m not crazy:)

I played through killing the warden (and just a bit more) with 2 other chars first, but decided I wanted more ranged and especially AoE damage. It was just taking too long to kill everything.

I’ve read some guides on now, which has me a bit worried about being defensive enough later…but i’m slowly learning. Tons of things just are not mentioned in the guides though (like dual wielding pistols).

Btw…I have not seen ANYONE mention using a pistol and a shield. Considering I see people suggest going demo/soldier…is there a reason nobody uses pistols with shields in the offhand? I know it would drop your offensive a bit, but it could help a ton with defense I would imagine…and I even saw someone mention going with 2 weapon setups (gun and weapon shield) with a commando. There must be a reason why you would want to use a melee weapon and shield instead of a gun and shield?

Just play through the game once :stuck_out_tongue: You don’t really need any guides as item descriptions explain stuff fine. I remember when I first saw the recipe for dual pistol wield relic being sold at devils crossing, so much hype :smiley:

Also you can always try building a pistol+shield toon, nothing’s stopping you :stuck_out_tongue:

True, I’m sure i’ll end up playing tons of builds eventually. I just also read about alot of people playing and ending up giving up on characters because they didn’t work long term. Trying to avoid any big mistakes if possible and hope to play my character through all the difficulties before switching to another.

I have alt-itice…which kicks in hard if I don’t stick to my guns and focus on one character. I’m going to (struggle) to avoid playing every possible build right away, and actually play through the game a decent amount with my first main character.

Too many other games I never even finished because I just replayed the normal difficulty over and over with other builds. I’m not going to let that happen again!!

Am I right in thinking that the gunslinger relic’s blueprint is the only one that can be bought, the other blueprints are drops? Or can they be bought from another vendor (the secret Blood Grove one maybe?).

It’s a pity dual wield pistols activates from relic - isn’t that usually a big +skills slot? Although if it can activate many times then that could be good. Best would be to just have the dual wield skills in the tree activate all forms of dual-wielding?

It’s rumored that duel-wielding guns will be part of this new class’s skill tree:

You may be able to purchase some of the other relic blueprints from either the secret Blood Grove fellow, or perhaps the merchants in Steps of Torment and Bastion of Chaos. Other than that, treasure troves are probably your best bet, as they have a high chance to drop relic blueprints.

Note: I missed one item that allows you to duel-wield guns - Pyroclasm Mark: