How does Inquisitor Seal's Damage Absorbtion work?

Essentially the title. It lists a flat amount of damage absorbtion next to stats such as % health regen and elemental resist, however how does this absorbtion apply? Does it mean that every incoming source of damage to you deals that amount flat less damage (and is that pre or post mitigation)?

Because if that is the case, that seems strong. 232 permanent damage absorbtion with 100% uptime, vs 90 in overguard. Seems a little unbalanced? Or maybe I am just misreading the skill (also, I have not tried it so I cannot comment on how good it truly is yet!)

It really works as you think it is. And yes, it is strong, maybe a little too strong. You slightly overestimate it though. The way it works is if your defenses are already adequate it’s marvellous, but if you take 3-4k hits it’ll help you only slightly. So while playing it gives a false sense of security, but once your defenses become inadequate you’re brought back to reality. I almost died on last boss on hc veteran despite the seal. Why? Because my resists sucked.

It’s not like Overguard is all about damage absorbtion, while Inquisitor Seal is pretty much all about damage absorbtion. Also while Inq. Seal has 100% uptime you are limited in mobility, because you need to stand inside of it. Which is neat, because characters that need to facetank will make use of it while characters that could kite easily would feel awkward.

That last boss hits hard as hell when you have zero aether resists :slight_smile:

I did him with 30-40%, so shudder at the thought what it’s like with zero aether resist.

Thank you for explaining, and from your explanation I also presume it’s post-mitigation damage. Additionally, does that mean you absorb a flat amount from a dot each second as well?

I do appreciate the limitations of course - if you are ranged, it at least means you can stand a fair distance away, cast a couple of seals, and walk around on them. A nice skill overall, and one I shall have to invest in and see.

Oh that explains it. I wondered how the aetherials had gotten so strong lately. Turns out, I wasn’t prepared for them :rolleyes:

Good fight though, three phase battle was cool

Yes, and that’s probably the only OP aspect of it.

Depends on the build really. Casters are screwed without it in some areas

does it stack with itself?

No, it’s a self buff skill. You can see its icon when it’s up, the damage absorption and fire damage don’t stack up. I’m fine with damage absorption not stacking but fire damage from Rebuke should stack like casting multiple Sigil of Consumption.