How does life leech works?

I just came through my first blue item headhunter’s trophy which gives me +24% life leech damage.

So the question is: do I need a weapon or skill that has life leech effect first?

At first I thought the answer is YES like the +16% bleeding damage it also offers. But I later noticed that during the battle I occasionally gain health. It’s not the natural health regeneration or constitute.

Checked my char stat there the closest thing I can find is life steal which I read in another thread is a different mechanic.

Ignore the massive conversation that follows unless you want a headache:

TL;DR Life Leech is a DoT that deals damage and heals you. Like other damage types, +% Life Leech requires some beginning flat value.

Thanks for clarifying this. Just get another item with XX energy leech over X seconds. Life leech requires one of this kind of effect to begin with right?

Assuming I’m understanding correctly, yes.

It’s not a bad low level belt. You won’t have it very long. Don’t worry about the life leech. You’ll want to switch it out for something with resists on it soon enough anyway.

I don’t think it’s possible to get enough life leech to be useful for the player. I can’t think of a build guild that has ever used it. However, there are monsters that leech quite effectively from you.

Yea the life leech is pretty much useless for now. I have not gotten a single item which gives me life leech damage. Not into resists either. Being a kiting build I’m fine as long as boss can’t one shot me.

Actually, there are builds that use life steal, and rely on it pretty much.

Right…The fact that you are not using it, doesn’t make it useless. Try playing a melee build. As a matter of fact, I use items with “x% damage converted to health” even on my range character, those procs heal me a bunch.

This thread is talking about life leech, not attack damage converted to health.

Ouch, I apologize, my bad in this case.