How does the cooldown reduction of Bloodlord's Blade work?

Good day dear CRATE Entertainment ! I am writing to you for the first time and I am from Russia , so I apologize in advance for my mistakes . I have been playing your game for 2500 hours and am impressed with your work , enthusiasm and quality . But unfortunately I found a flaw in your project this sword it doesn’t work at all . It says that when the aura of the occultist is turned on, I have an 8 chance of 100 recharging to any skill, from any element of the attack, unfortunately it does not fulfill its options at all, none of the active skills are recharged instantly . I really ask you to fix this because I swung with the idea of a terrific build through this sword on hardcore and already at level 85 and when I knocked it out, I was very disappointed . Please give me feedback and fix it . I love you madly, success !

Welcome to the forum and glad to hear you’re enjoying the game. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think you’re reading the text wrong because of the way it’s laid out on the sword. It’s not:

8% Chance of +100% Skill
Cooldown Reduction to Possession

as two separate things, but

8% Chance of +100% Skill Cooldown Reduction to Possession

Though why Possession which is an aura needs a skill cooldown reduction I don’t know.

I don’t understand game mechanics though.

To me this property means:
When Possession is enabled, every skill has 8 % chance of skipping cooldown.
And I think he understands it the same way.

While Possession is toggled on with this modifier, all skills cast will (should) have an 8% chance to have their cooldowns negated.

So I guess he’s just not seeing the 8% chance when it happens. Is that supposed to happen to all skills at once?

Judging from the description of the sword , the modifier gives when the aura 8 chance for the cooldown of the active skills , that is, if I take the soldier , shaking him a round kick with improved damage but adding it a 5 second cooldown , then taking the sword , each attack power circular punch I should have 8 a chance for every second the cooldown of this skill ,but it’s not the most terrible thing is that it doesn’t work on any skill nor the Blood Dreeg neither doom bolt . so we find out that this sword doesn’t work

No. If a skill doesn’t have its cooldown reset when it is cast, it will not suddenly reset after a different skill is cast.

I’d like to report that I’ve just tested the sword (even dual-wielded it) and it works

Out of 32 Doom Bolt cast I got 5 resets. [double Doom Bolts]
Which means not only it works but it also stacks.

You OP must be doing something wrong.
Unless it was bugged in because I’m still at

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Is an hourglass displayed over your char when the reset occurs?

Yes. 1st reset it as 00:45, 2nd at 1:05

Again, this is but the sword was not touched in I think

That is, the modifier on the sword only works on the active ability that you use, and only it can reset the reload itself, right ?

I’ve tested it (with Judgment and Doom Bolt) and yes. It would be ridiculously OP otherwise (if you could reset all cooldowns with any skill).

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Please tell me then, if there is damage with the duration of an ability like Circular strike bleeding and internal injuries, then each triggering of this damage has a chance to reset the circular strike’s reload ?

I’ve tested it with Sigil of Consumption and it reset 3 / 18 times which is like 16% when you DW the swords so I would say no. It always reset at the beginning, the initial cast, ticks don’t reset the cooldown.

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