How does the Summon Guardian Of Empyrion modifier on Bonemonger's Hood work?

I’m playing a Bonemonger + Scion Of The Screaming Veil Aether RF Oppressor and was wondering whether I’m wasting points by taking Celestial Presence. The “-15% Aether Resistance to Summon Guardian Of Empyrion” applies to the skill Guardian Of Empyrion itself, right? Not Celestial Presence? So do the guardians apply the debuff every time they attack? If so, for how long? Why isn’t that stated? I saw someone asking this on Reddit but they didn’t get a response. RektByProtoss has also made a video about this build, and the person that asked on Reddit also asked RektByProtoss, but they didn’t get an answer there either. Does anyone know?

No, you need the celestial presence to make the RR mod work.

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Only need one point in the CP though.

Thank you guys