How good are pure damage devotion skills like Meteor Shower?

Recently I’ve been trying to assemble a DW FS Purifier with Dagallon Set. I’m facing this decision in devotion selection: If I give up meteor shower and the node preceding it, I can get 100% fire damage from another node, and an extra node to boost stun resistance. My question is, is it worth giving up the Meteor Shower damage? Does my damage fall off a cliff if I give up meteor shower?

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Meteor Shower and Spear of Ultos are probably the most damaging devotions in the game. Meteor Shower gets really really insane if you can stack some Physical to Fire conversion and/or some cooldown reduction. If I am making a fire build I am never skipping it unless it’s a boring defensive one with Empyrion.

So to answer your question, always take the proc, find the way to get the stats elsewhere. Proc is just too much value.

i’m not really good with devotions and such, but i would say a strong devotion skill like meteor shower should be taken, if possible… unless you die with it and without it you dont. :wink:

do you mean hand of ultos or spear of heavens being strong?

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But both spear and ultos are incredibly powerful

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