How good are pure masteries?

Specifically, shaman and arcanist?

I have enough experience with Titan Quest to understand the value of dual masteries–each makes up for the other’s shortcomings–but as a level 25 shaman, I’m not feeling like I’m short in a whole lot. I’ve got a two-handed something, and everything I touch goes flying. I’m sure there will be more difficulty to come, but at the moment, I’m not seeing a whole lot of reason to pick a second mastery.

Am I missing something big? Or can pure builds work fine?

Shaman maybe, Arcanist no.

Dualclassing, aside from providing utility skill-wise, is also to get your hands on more core stats. In TQ, you’d take two masteries and probably go to 32/32 in both of them. While you don’t often go 50/50 in GD (yet), having 60+ points invested in masteries is highly recommended.

They might, but not as well as dual classes. You are underestimating the difficulty increase which will hit you :wink: I guess you are using primal strike? That is good for leveling but without seriously good gear it will slack later on…especially in single targets. That is why savagery can be better option in ultimate.

Level 25 and single mastery is fine, you probably have not even maxed that yet, so having picked a second one means nothing yet wrt stat points from the mastery bar.

By level 50-60 you might feel differently about that though… I would never stick to one mastery only

Single mastery classes work fine if you can make a build that works. Unlike TQ where you’ll ultimately have enough points to max everything you need AND want, there are enough diverse skills per mastery in GD (and not anywhere near as many +skills as compared to TQ) that you NEED to come up with a good build even if you only have 1 mastery to work with.

Stats are no issue if you want something to work, you can draw upon many extra sources of stats besides mastery. Of course, you need to know your way around what these extra sources are - ARPG newbies who still haven’t figured things like components (basically GD’s socket system), augments and the devotion system probably won’t be able to make them work.
Once you’ve found a setup that works, I’d say a single mastery build is really not much different from anything else. They’ll definitely work better than some of the skillpoint/synergy-starved builds out there, but their inability to combine the “strongest” offensive/defensive skills from different masteries (because if you can find both in the same mastery then people would simply not pick a second class) means they’ll never really excel at pure offense or pure defense. Because all their core skill point needs are already met, though, they can be very versatile - your core build is always going to work (or what would be the point of having that much extra skill points) so you’re not as item dependent unless you try to juggle all three stats (physique/cunning/spirit) - that would be a very bad idea.

but once you reach ultimate, fight nemesis and stuff… the urge of getting a secondary mastery as a wife becomes higher. so hold your horses and pray harder that you dont get tempted and sin! finishing the game with just a solo mastery is an achievement in itself! wish you all the best! and stay single! :rolleyes:

You’d think that given all the skillpoint-starved builds that people have managed to salvage, people would know better than to outright condemn single mastery builds by now.

Yesterday I actually found a green that gave +120 total physique. Stat points are at the cheapest they’ve ever been since the game’s release.

I’d rather be a little skillpoint starved than stick to one mastery, with the expansion that starvation solves itself

Gee, I dunno. If I ever get enough extra devotion points to get Tree of Life on top of whatever extra constellation setup I’m working on (on top of the altered skills - wow double maxed ravens/hellhounds) then you can bet that the amount of points I’m investing in a single mastery is going up sharply.

pure arcanist can’t even survive in elite.

Actually lots of people do full Arcanist on elite all the time, many people I know spec out around Act 3 or just before Log.

You seem to underestimate the power of simply controlling/destroying everything on the screen. Elite is usually where the combination of nukes/passives hit their strongest point mob clearing-wise.

After that, the balance shifts as mob HP/resist/damage output makes just rushing things down inefficient/suicidal.