How hard would it be

Basicly Im currious why someone hasnt introduced a way for people to play together while still being solo like poe has, where you can have a guild and chats so you have people to bs with and hang with as well as a stash guild mates could help each other with items etc. Just wondering if this is impossible or not, Wish I was a coder myself because I love grimdawn but I dont like the lack of friendships and people to game with.

already implemented by steam !

start game -> single player mode -> play
shift+tab-> click friends -> chat to your hearts content
shift+tab -> resume playing single player

so how do you make friends if you cant see who else is playing and this option doesnt include a guild or shared stash with other people, or real interaction with all the people online playing at the time. a Community


  1. crate didnt setup a centralized system.
  2. if such a system were to be made . it would be player run
  3. whats the point? you can cheat any items you want .

in order to make it worth anyones while

  1. youd need some hack that forces the player save to be hashed on a server.
  2. games only playable by connecting to approved instances (how will this be legal - crate would have to license something like a headless server version of the game? or can we do it ourselves legally?)
  3. LOTS OF $$$$$$$$$

because there is no central server, so how would your game know who else is playing ?

I do not need nor want another server hosted game. As far as I can tell they have no community to speak of either (PoE / D3), just people silently slaying stuff in the same game, but not even together / in the same location. I much prefer SP over that crap.