How I can find my buildings?

How can I find the buildings I have already built, such as the rat catcher? Do I really have to search for them individually on the map?
I can find the villagers who work in these buildings, but not the buildings. Or is there already an easier way that I haven’t found yet?

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The F2 key shows buildings’ names, but it’s disabled ingame atm because there are some problems with it.


For buildings with a radius, you can select them from the build menu.

You will then be shown the radius of the same buildings and the buildings itself is a bit highlighted (white grey border around it).

Wells get highlighted also, but have no circle, but are hard to notice.

Hi Medea, thanks for your feedback. But how can I solve following problem at the moment?
The rat catcher building costs taxes. Therefore, I can’t put a rat catcher everywhere there are warehouses. In this respect, if I want to change the catch area for the rat catcher, I need to be able to determine where such buildings have been placed by me?
Have someone any idea for that?

If you click on a building it should highlight others as well I think.

This does not apply to all buildings. It does not work for the firewood splitter.

It does. If you click on one any others will be highlighted.