How important is offensive ability for casters?

Ok me again with another question, I would use one of my previous threads but this is a whole another question so I guess I have to open yet another thread.

So as the title suggests, I’m currently playing a fire forcewave commando in elite, a very fun non-complicated build that usually kills pretty fast. One of the things that I’m trying to achieve is getting as much OA possible to crit as much as possible.

But if I understand that correctly a forcewave caster is still technicaly a caster, even though he is played more as a tank. Because you have forcewave, which is not a default attack modifier, I’m talking about transmuted forcewave of course. The DPS here is mostly affected by cast speed rather that attack speed, so I’m also trying to stack as much as possible. Energy is sometimes a problem because this build is actually pretty energy consuming.

But back to the main question, what is the main importance of OA for casters? Under OA description I read that OA also affects spells, I guess it should still affect crits with my forcewave just like it would if I would be using cadence for example. Even though as far as I know cadence is technically not a spell, but forcewave is.

If someone could shed some more light on those mechanics I would be very grateful, cheers.

you guessed right, just as important as a straight attack speed build. the offensive ability is for ALL attacks excluding retaliation and pets (only time you dont need oa). Personally i found commandos not that easy to play with due to thermite mines which can be annoying to get in the right place sometimes as its one of the few sources of RR for the commando

offensive ability is universally important. The only mild exception is retaliation build and even there you gotta have some.

Yea termite mines suck in my opinion too, but it is not true they’re one of the few fire RR sources. Imo fire is pretty well supported in devotion especially. It would be great if commando had some kind of a less stationary RR skill than those mines, but it is what it is. I still found way more fire RR options than physical and I love meteors, that’s why I opted for a fire variant. But I agree the physical is a bit more straightforward just because you don’t have to use those damn mines lol. But yea I probably got like 3 or 4 different RR sources for fire (which all stack), while for physical you get 1 from skills and one from devotion, and you have to crit for devotion one to activate. I mean you can get more from endgame quipment, but fire RR is still easier accesible imo. Plus physical is just boring due to no visual effects.

Yea so I thought, thx.

Offtopic, but we were already talking about thermite mines and retaliation. I guess that skill would be fine for some kind of a stationary build, perhaps with fevered rage or something, focusing on fire retaliation or something. That should work great at least in theory. But in reality options for such a build right now are probably pretty low. And fire is definitely a very hard dmg type to build a retaliaton around.

My current playstyle with this character is that I just throw mines around the battlefield and try to throw 1 set behind and 1 set in front of me. It sometimes get fun when enemies approach you from both directions and you “trap” them. But the problem is I usually kill so fast that I do not have time or patience to wait for those damn mines to activate…