How is Boss Monster Level Calculated?

I’m trying to figure out how the level is calculated for boss monsters. First I checked viloth.dbr under the prison. It says “charLevel,charLevel*1+3,” and the zone is +0 for ultimate. I do a quick run and he’s 103. Great so far.

Next I try troll_swampking.dbr in the East Marsh. It says "charLevel,(charLevel1.1)+2,", and the zone is +2 for ultimate. Mr. King shows at 107 for a pair of test runs. My quick math shows 2+2 is 4 (not 7), and 1001.1 is 110, which is not 107, even before the +2. That doesn’t seem to work.

I’ve also noted that skeletalgolem_uroboruuksearch_01.dbr, also in East Marsh has the same “charLevel,(charLevel*1.1)+2,” line, but he appears at level 112.

Any ideas as to how the actual creature level is derived?

The proxies are what u are looking for mostly, not sure what else affects the level but im pretty sure that it will be something like zone level, addition with the monster specific dbr, and then it gets scaled up by lvl8_boss.dbr. from my mod testing, after adding


to every single proxy file, only the additional proxy scaling from lvl8_boss.dbr got applied (didnt saw anything above 104 yet i think, but it should be able to go up to 106 if only the proxy gets applied after) there are exceptions with quest bosses that has to be manually edited via LUA scripts (Cronley, Queen bug at homestead etc)

hope i didnt added even more to the confussion, i am sure the proxies are what u need to mess with, in my mod everything scales 1-100 on elite already and i didnt noticed any issues (apart from one stupid quest hero troll at arkovian foothills that i cant manage to spawn on proper level for some reason)