How is damage calculated?

Hey guys, I have a problem understanding how damage is calculated in this game. Let’s say my naked char (no gear, no auras, devotion grant some minor things) put on a mace, here are the screenshots:

Why the heck do I get 71-132 value? How is it calculated? I cannot understand it.

Hi cel3b0rn and welcome to the forums. Your question is a fairly complex one if you want to find out how much damage an enemy will take, but I’ll take a stab at it. Damage output can be basically understood as flat damage multiplied by damage modifiers.

Your scepter gives a base damage of 18-33 fire damage, your searing ember gives 2-4 fire damage, for a total of 20-37 fire damage. This is then modified by your fire damage modifier of 90% and your spirit modifier of 167% for a total of +257%. 257% of 20-37 is 51-95 approximately so you add 51-95 to your original 20-35 for a total of 71-130. There is some rounding in that value so the leftovers probably account for the few extra missing points.

Once you have your damage output, you can multiply that value by your attacks per second for a rough DPS value (in this case ~126-223 fire damage). However, enemy resists and defenses often modify the ACTUAL damage you deal. Even if you deal 10000 damage per hit, if your enemy has 80% resistance to that damage type, you’re only dealing 2000 actual damage per hit.

Hope that helped clarify!