How is my lightning Sabo doing? Is he good enough to take on Ultimate content?

I finished Act 1 on ultimate but I don’t really count that since it was easier than elite on AoM. I did some FG content though and that’s when I realized how difficult the game is going to be in the endgame(I was rushing to get the level 94 Fettan Mask but still fought some mobs here and there).

I know he’s far from ideal, but I just want to know, in his current state how would my character do in Acts 2-4, AoM and FG content and Shattered Realm? I was planning on hitting Shattered Realm after I hit level 100, but if I’m not ready I won’t do it since I’m playing hardcore.

Also I have max Chaos resistance, the Obsidian Cuirass I have has 38% Chaos

Thanks for the help!

I recommend switching to cold Sabouter, you will need any synergy you can get with Sabo. Sabo is one of the weaker and less reliable class combinations, so playing a Sabouter that is not in any way synergetic (Nightblade got no Lightning support) on Hardcore and trying FG/AoM content with or even Shattered Realm is suicidal. And even with cold Sabo you should expect quite a bit of problems in AoM/FG areas, Nemesis fights and Shattered Realm.

I would also recommend trying my cold Sabouter, here is the guide. It’s probably the only Sabouter spec that is both very tanky and reliable and very damaging at the same time. Please note, that you need that exact gear for build to work as it was intended and you also need to replicate my skill allocation and devotion map.