How many 2nd-graders you think you could beat up?

Chances are you’ve heard about it somehwere on the internet at some point.
Today, however, you have a unique opportunity to fulfil a dream of beating kids up on the top of a gloomy tower somewhere in the middle of the forest that somehow resembles Schwarzwald, with Powerwolf as a background music, and a storm intensifying as you commit unspeakable.

Set of rules: 2nd-graders coming at you in waves of 10 with a 5th-grader boss at the end of each round.


And this has to do with a GD modding project… how?

I have reported the thread, as it seems to be in the wrong place, or got nothing to do with GD at all.

Edit, sorry, didn’t see a download button, but still, you could at least explain a bit more on what this mod does, or provide screenshots. As I don’t really get what this is suppose to be?

LOL - this thread has been reported thrice so far. :rolleyes: So, without having tried the mod, I guess it is tower defense.

It would have helped if fortunate son had been more clear on what the mod is about, as right from the bat, he doesn’t really explain it that well. or doesn’t sound anything related to GD at all.

@fortunate son
maybe if you tried to explain what the mod is, or show some screenshots of it?