How many skills should I have hotkeyed?

Bought the game over the weekend. Love it. Have a 38(?) Deathknight. I love tanking classes and the minions are cool. No idea if its a viable build, but its working so far.

Question is, how many skills do you have hotkeyed? I’ve played PoE off and on for a few years now, and you pretty much use a primary skill and a secondary. Generally one for AOE and one for single target. Is that the same case here? Or should I have a handful of skills in my hotbar? Right now I’m using Cadence and WPS procs. I do have a shield bash or something granted by item I use now and then.

Thanks again. Great game. Really enjoying it.

Welcome to the game and to the forum. :slight_smile:

The answer is - it depends on your build. Personally I like just a few skills, but my buiilds aren’t the best at surviving. I do have a pet based Conjurer that has a full first bar and a half full second bar. So it really can vary.

There’s a beginner’s DK build here which may give you an idea of what skills people use.

As always though, experiment and see what suits your playstyle.

Some builds use 2 or 3 skills, others almost the full bar and in an old minions build i had both bars full. As a general tip i can say hotkeying stuff to mousewheel up/down is mandatory most of the times.

wow, according to that link my build is so screwed up, haha! oh well. I put just about all my skill points into stronger minions, and my Devotion points into tanking to help balance me out. Oh well. First class. I may try a 2h shaman next.

Big thing was the skill bar. I see like 12 buttons and wasn’t sure if it were normal to only have auras/summons there, or if I should be using multiple skills.

Thanks again.

You can make your own kind of build and that’s the fun of the game! As long as you’re enjoying it, then the build is good. Now, if you want to get into the endgame content like crucible 150-170 or ultimate difficulty roguelikes, then you start needing to understand the inner workings of the system and how to max out the parts you need and ignore the ones you don’t.

The forums are a huge source of information, so don’t hesitate to ask questions :slight_smile:

2h shaman is a classic, particularly lightning based. I recommend inquisitor for a second class if you do go lightning. Soldier/shaman is usually for very basic physical builds, but can be quite good if you build it right and is beginner friendly.

I usually put 1 time clickers (like auras) on the second bar and everything i have to click frequently on the 1st.

This. The devs aim for build diversity so that guide is just one way to build a DK.

I have a pet build with 21 skills. 19 on my bars, 2 on my mouse slots. So I think it doesn’t matter how many you have. :stuck_out_tongue:

Holy crap. I have summon skeleton, the ogre thing, and two auras. I just go around default attacking (WPS) mobs. I’ve been using gear that grants skills on hit/attack instead of skills I need to activate.

Well, in this game items can grant additional skills so sometimes the bars can get overcrowded. :eek: