How much is too much? OA and DA

So I’ve been toying with very high OA/DA build ideas (3800-4200 for either/both) which is exciting to see big numbers in the char sheet, but I have no idea how useful OA/DA is beyond around 3600ish…

Does having an OA around 4000 just mean you’re almost always critically hitting? Is there bonus damage? How is it calculated?

Does 4k DA mean you never get crit and retain a 40% chance to miss even when debuffed? How useful is it to have these super high stats?

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Use monsterdb on grimtools to get a feel for the oa and da of enemies you commonly deal with, accounting for their debuffs. Then consider that information alongside the crit chances in that link. Goal is generally to be crit immune for da. Oa is whatever chances you’re happy with, which is also considering how much crit damage % or crit procs your build has. Damage avoidance is a gravy that you don’t really need to build excessive da to stack. 4k da meta was killed a long time ago. 2.9-3kish is usually PLENTY. If the da is super high anyway you are probably better off investing in offensive attributes instead at that stage.

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There’s a bonus crit multiplier from oa (separate from % crit dmg multiplier) at 5 levels from x1.1 to x1.5. Also, when da exceeds enemy oa (and vice versa) by a lot, there is bonus dmg reduction (up to 10% iirc).

This is actually really cool. So if I can get a char with ~4k OA and DA without too much missing, then it could potentially deal significantly more damage, and take significantly less damage…

Amazing, thank you so much for this!!

Crits have a very low impact on your DPS if you don’t have a lot of %crit damage stacked. Crit chance got a huge falloff the higher you stack OA. At some point it’s just easier to increase your damage output by finding +100% damage rather than +60-80OA.

Since the 40% chance to miss cap got introduced noone bothered with DA stacking. Same situation as OA basically - you can, but with no more extreme benefits coming with extreme DA stacking it’s often more benefical now to just get more health.


Anyone know how much is the OA of the monster with the highest OA?

Yeah, please share the highest effective OA/DA that enemies can possess if you have this knowledge unless it’s one monster and there’s a gap between it and the rest then maybe more common high OA/DA values. I skimmed through Monster database once and the highest DA I saw was 2900 I believe.

Ravager had 3.2k each last time I checked.
That’s MC - in SR there’s extra scaling and mutators. Not to forget that enemies can debuff your DA too.

Fun fact: there’s a Beast hero that has what I presume to be the highest OA in the game, without factoring interactions with other monsters. About 3600 OA on this little dude when his proc goes off. It’s a trait that seems to be shared with most of the scavenger monsters


So against monsters like ol’ Rav, having 4200 DA might actually be really helpful if one wanted to push the envelope and face tank the fella?

Technically yeah, but even when he crits he doesn’t hit very hard because he’s only a hero, not a boss. So my advice is to just let the little nugget slap you around with his little limp-wristed claws

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A soft cap was introduced to da scaling. 4k is far too excessive. Don’t bother going that high.