How much lifesteal is enough? (Haunted Steel vs Oleron's Blood)

I am leveling and building my Witchblade (75+lvl). So far i have 12% lifesteal (Lifegiver Signet and Black Star of Deceit). My 1h weapon enchant slot is empty and i cant decide between Haunted Steel (8% lifesteal) and Oleron’s Blood (more dmg). I can also pick 3% lifesteal from devotion (3 free points into Unknow Soldier, but dont prefer it).

So options could be:

  1. 20% lifesteal (Lifegiver, Black Star, Haunted Steel)
  2. 13% lifesteal (Black Star, Haunted Steel and free slot - ring of choice)
  3. 12% lifesteal (Lifegiver, Black Star and Oleron’s Blood)

It depends of your max hp and damage, how quickly you can fill your health bar. One of my heroes is running with 3% attack damage converted to health. More would be quite useless since my health is maxed quite quickly even with that value. But one other hero is running with 12% and that is a comfortable value for him.

Lots of huge crits, less would work well. Very fast, low damage attacks, more would be better. Damage over time? Don’t bother.

I would suggest going for Oleron’s instead of haunted in general. However if your resistances/hp are lacking, haunted steel would be better.

10ish ADCTH is plenty if you have anything like adequate DPS.