How Not to Do Things aka Check Your Baggage - Words of Advice

So, I’ve been running that HC classless challenge. Died twice but am working high on my third character. Today, I decided to take a break and see if I could push my Tactician (my first character ever) and farm some of the Temple of the Heretic. I’ve never actually hit higher than SR 65 because I spent most of my time leveling all my characters so thought I might try some of that.

Long story short, made about two dozen TotH runs and four or five SR 60/61 and 60/65 runs as warmups for a higher push. Died about a half dozen times and was getting a bit frustrated because my numbers in GT were telling me this shouldn’t be that bad.

It’d been so long since I’d played a character with skills that I was forgetting to use Word of Renewal. (The pun in the title of the post is intentional.)


Forgetting about heal/buff can hurt you, yes. Word of pain is the name. I often forget to summon Guardians of Empyrion, so no RR :smile:

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Tell me about checking things…
Recently I was tidiying up my characters’ inventory and transfer tabs I found 5 almost completed end-game sets (only need craft head pieces).

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I did a few runs with no Guardians on my Venomblade after some nerfs a few patches ago. And I was STEAMING. I thought it was the nerfs.

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