how reliable off really is for cc?

I ask as i dont want to learn the hard way it is useless later on. Cheers guys!

Don’t expect to use it on bosses it champs but it is a beautiful screen wide freeze of trash through the end of ultimate. With how dangerous trash is at that difficulty it is very very useful

Screen wide total shut down, it’s the best.

Bosses are often immune though, but that’s just them being resistant to CC in general.

Most Heroes and Bosses are immune to the CC.
Starting Act 4 veteran, it doesn’t screen clear by itself even if maxed out.

Unless you build a character specifically around OFF, you can always respec without any regrets.

I want off only as cc for trash mobs. Nothing else, not for dmg.

RoS has small radius. I keep using it but as i go further into vet it is less and less useful because of the radius being too small for me.

arcanist looks tempting for my dualwielding nightblade for 3 skills: maiven sphere, off and inner focus. And 1 point into MoE.

I am still on the fence as to what 2nd class to chose - soldiet also has its perks but less cc and i somehow cannot get the hang of RoS.

ehh…i might flip a coin in the end althoug i have read blademaster is easier then soellbreaker. Btw im playing self found atm as it is my first toon.

Building a char around CC and not getting hit is a bit of a waist. The Dev’s have specifically nerfed CC to the ground… Bosses are strait up immune unless you have the one specific ammulet that will allow you to freeze them which is still only a 50 % reduction, And that is to freeze alone … all other CC’s have their reduction for bosses …

All in All CC is great for clearing trash but killing anything worth killing it’s complete junk which is ironic since Arcanist is built around CC.