How the f*@# do I kill Van Aldritch?

At the moment I’m in the room with Van Aldritch. His friends are dead, he’s on 30% HP. But I can’t kill him. Everytime I get him low, he uses that Maiven’s Sphere thing and goes back to 50%. The good part is that he can’t even hit me, and when he does, I don’t feel it. The bad part is that I don’t want to be stuck in this room forever. HALP :cry:

Well, you probably need one or more of the following:

Resistance Reduction
Offensive Ability

Problem solved. Switched to a two handed and killed him. Damn Aldritch.

Always kill Van Aldritch first. I assume he’s the strongest of the three because, well, for obvious reasons.

Or he can be just as strong as the other two. But kill him first just to be safe.

I thought I had to kill his buddies first. Read something about that here in the forum. Or I got confused and people actually said to kill him first. :rolleyes:

i suggest killing Garl first, especially if you play a melee character, because he makes you fumble attacks. After that i would take on Van Altritch himself.

Usually I try and whittle them down, switching targets when the bubble shield they have pops up and try and keep moving constantly.

But yeah, the bubble shield can be broken with enough damage, it’s just a case of dishing out to break it and preferably having some damage over time source to reduce the health the bastard can regen.

I just use AoE skills and kill them all at the same time. ¯_(ツ)_/¯