How to add a new merchant to DC?

So I’ve been dabbling around with the tools, made a ton of changes, but there are two things I’m struggling with.

The first as the title, I want to be able to buy my custom items, rather than always having to add them to the first corpse.

Can someone point in the right direction to get a merchant in town please?

The second is an odd one, I’ve removed the player level requirement from everything in records->items, all enchants, prefixes, suffixes etc.

But still on occasion I’ll see an item drop with a required level. Is there another file somewhere which I need to edit that may not be as obvious?

Are they the same general item each time? Do you have any screenshots?

I hadn’t noticed before, but after collecting a few of them I realised they were all patchwork jackets of some form, fix made, no more level requirements, thanks for that.

Merchant NPC are another ball of wax completely. (That’s a huge list of different problems unless a faction vendor.) Maybe we should figure out the game.Give syntax in console mode. It is probably a dbr file, and it has autocomplete.

In another similar thread regarding item drops, I posted a modification to the Familiar so it drops a chest on desummon, death, or resummon. So you can just spam summoning familiars (raven) in order to test a specific loot table.

Yea, figured as much, as soon as I started to realise how many different files are involved.

As it happens I decided to just add my items to the starting vendor in DC, which works out nicely, just need to remember to keep prices low for testing.

I’m not normally a fan of necro-ing ancient threads (6 months in internet time as we know is roughly four hundred years in normal time), but this thread and question pertain to exactly the issues I’m looking into resolving for myself.

Does anyone have any further feedback on how to create a new NPC, merchant specifically, without editing the world map? I understand the basic premise of the dbr files needed, but the process of actually placing the new NPC is not something I can find any information on at all. Furthermore, the only example I’ve seen is Good Looking Mod’s use of a spawner in order to generate the NPC on another NPC’s death. I’m looking for something less flashy and more organic, and trying to avoid this method if at all possible.

Any help at all and I will love you forever.

The easiest way to place an NPC without editing the map is using an item (can be injected into a shop/loottable easily) which summons the npc when you use the item or equip the item via autocast

Hijacking an existing npc works as well. You just have to maintain the vanilla tree structure and file name. Then you can change the npc data to merchant or whatever.

Hmm gotcha. That’s what I was trying to avoid, but perhaps I don’t really have a choice here. Thanks for the feedback!

This could potentially work as well; there are a few NPCs in Devil’s Crossing that don’t serve that much of a purpose, perhaps I’ll poke around and see if I can edit one of them successfully. Thanks for the idea!

Is it possible to implement gambling in Grim Dawn? Like a few others Arpgs?

I’ve always found it fun ^^

well, there is that random legendary crafting.

If you want a vendor where you click the item and get a random one back every time and maybe even use a new currency such as D3 than no, but it is possible to make a conversation or item to do that.
That’s basically the same thing just with a different interface :slight_smile:

If you don’t mind, I’m going to jack this idea and see what happens. I’ll name the npc in your honor.

Thanks man, I wanna be a beta tester xD