How to assign a selected settler to a specific task?

First of all, congratulations to Crate! You guys are awesome, and once again, I have absolutely fallen in love with your game! The level of attention and care that you all gave to Grim Dawn is what brought me here. Since you are a private company, this is the best way I can support you guys. I’m not even a fan of town builders, normally… But holy crap I am obsessed with this game already and absolutely cant wait to see what is coming in the future! THERE IS SO MUCH POTENTIAL HERE! DLCs, updates, I could easily see this becoming yet another instant classic title.

I do have one question though, and a couple suggestions;

  • Is there any way to assign a task to a specifc settler while they are selected? I tried a bunch of different ways, while a specific settler was selected, to have that settler chop down trees or mine resources, etc. If it’s possible to do, I think this would add a GREAT deal of Quality of Life improvement to your already awesome game. And if there is a way to do this already that I just dont know about, please let me know.

  • On the topic of settlers, I am a huge fan of writing my own stories based on gameplay. I was obsessed with playing Grim Dawn in HC classless mode, and writing stories about each character, their backround, their lives, and their untimely deaths. When I started playing Farthest Frontier today, the very first thing I did was name each of my settlers. As I went around naming each of them I realized I never got to choose their ages, or the sexes. If possible in the future, I think this could be a really immersive option for players like myself, who want to tell a very specific kind of story through their game journey.

  • Additionally, following that same logic, I wanted to know if its possible to assign specific settlers to live in specific shelters together? And if not, maybe making that an option as well. Like an “unassign” button which would disassociate a settler with a shelter, and an “assign shelter” button in each settler’s info panel, or an “assign settler” button on each Shelter, that would allow you to choose the settler you wanted to assign to it. I wanted to have me and my girlfriend’s characters live in the same shelter, and have kids together. I thought it would make for a pretty cool story. Not sure if that’s something you guys can do but it would be a really neat feature for sure, considering the game is very survival heavy, it would make tragedies all the more relevant when they happen. you know, deaths and such.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, whoever you are (hopefully Zantai!) I am sure this game will grow to become something incredible. It’s already my favorite game of 2022! Thanks again for all your hard work, Crate team! I bought this game for 2 of my friends already. Will probably buy it for a couple more eventually.

P.S. - I absolutely love the music!

EDITS: Clarifications.


No, you can’t assign specific workers, they’ll take up whatever jobs are available.

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+1 for Assign a selected settler to a specific task

I’m coming from an RTS background, where it’s pretty standard to select a unit and scout in the early game. Since there are no enemies to combat while scouting around, when the unit has finished their scout, they just sit there. For a long time. It feels like a waste of a resources while the character is idle. Please give the capability to assign tasks to individual units so that we can scout and then assign the worker to a task manually.

To piggy back off of that idea, what I really want is more RTS unit control and building hotkey options. I want to be able to hotkey everything and fly with placing buildings and assigning units (macro / micro). The micro being both combat and worker task optimization, such as manually hunting game, manually foraging specific resources, and swapping from an assignment at one building to other jobs (such as when a worker cannot work due to not having resources). The more little tasks I can manually do to make the game play more efficiently and smoother, the better.

Also, I want to be able to deselect things I have selected to harvest them. Currently I can’t find a way to remove my selection requests.

Love this game so far! Congrats on your launch!

Devs have already said they considered micro-managing like that, but decided against it.


I like they approach they’ve taken, personally. You have a fairly high level of macro control over what villagers do. You can remove professions and work slots, which unassigns those villagers and has them do something else. You can use villagers to scout, and if you leave them, they’ll go back to their regular duties after a bit. I wouldn’t mind a bit better interface for clicking villagers maybe, some custom behavior during raider attacks, or even a specialized “Scout” unit that can be assigned at a barracks, but that’s about it.


You can micro hunters like that and choose the deer for them to attack - they’ll pick up the carcass on their own.

I appreciate this comment which is similar to my post on the “Professions Screen” topic.