How to assign skills to your keys?

Ok, I am a dummy. I cannot seem to figure out how to assign skills to the keyboard. It is starting to become annoying because I need to use certain skills during boss fights and I find myself going to the far right of the screen and using those options to select rather than hitting a key. Any help? I looked at keybinding but it made zero sense to me.

Right click on a hot key and then select the skill you want to put there. Same as you do for the LMB/RMB keys.

If you’re thinking of WASD the game doesn’t have that.

Thanks man! No I was just wanting to use the 1-0 number keys. Big help thanks again!

also slight tip
open the option menu and go into the keybinding section and “study” it,
you will find certain useful features and hotkeys in there - ex being you don’t need to hotbar map your health and mana potions, they have dedicated hotkeys
other being stuff like Weapon swap you can/should just remove from keybinds to not accidentally swap and end up making a “my weapon disappeared thread”
likewise “stop/stand ground” or force move or “show all loot”(despite loot filter) etc etc and more, can be assigned their own keys outside the hotbar

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Another tip, hit the “H” key on your keyboard…

The first entry in the Help tips IS about assigning skills…

Thanks guys appreciate it!