How to attack in place using LMB without using any key to stay in place while shooting?

Playing a DW Pistol Pyromancer - This is a build that some have used to kill Kra’vall in 10s, though I did not since I can’t do piano skills very well (but I did kill it after a few goes with this build)

I like the dual wield aspec but with the primary skill (Firestrike) tied to the LMB I have to use the shift key to stay in place and shoot. How can I make it so I use the LMB I can stay in place ? I can live with moving while shooting, as long as I hit stuff and don’t accidently run into monsters, but with my luck, neither of those will happen. I also don’t want to have to set a button that allows me to move again (see I can’t cope with piano play very well :smile:)

Oh and if there are any tips to make the build tankier, harder hitting (but keeping the pistols) or otherwise I’m all ears. Thanks !

why not RMB?

Sorry - should have mentioned that. Firestrike does not come up as an option for RMB. Not look in to why but even then, I’m still curious if the LMB can work the same as RMB rather than having to use a keyboard button to make yourself stop and shoot.

You´re sure?
Last time I played it did.
In fact there should not be a single skill in the game that cannot be bound to RMB.

Your absolutely correct. The problem is I have thermite mines bound to RMB. I can change RMB to Firestrike, but then termite mines are not an option for the LMB. Take a look at my character. Maybe you can say why, but it seems some options are limited to one or the other.

I’m not really seeing a way to satisfy your requirements honestly since the controls just simply aren’t designed to work like that. To play GD and get the full benefit requires use of both mouse and keyboard in tandem (unless you go controller - which works pretty good for a game of this type even if there are some limitations).

The only thing I can think is that maaaaybe something could be done with AHK scripting to make what you want possible. @tqFan would be the one to know that.

As you can see here…

…it opens up a lot of various possibilities for modifying your control scheme.

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Check your key bindings for '‘stationary attack’’ function. That will allow to use ranged Fire Strike without moving your character. Sadly no other ways around. But…

I personally tend to put move to key to left button and Fire Strike to right mouse button. Then other skills are on number keys. So I can move freely and attack only if I want to.

At the moment my binding for stationery attack is the Shift key. I’m thinking for now I’ll just go with switching Firestrike to RMB as suggested by Klasperstanze and yourself, throwing Thermite mines to a number key. TBH having mines on the RMB has always felt clunky and it doesn’t actually doesn’t seem to do much for me with this character anyway.

Might take a peek at AHK later. If that means less piano for me that would be awesome. 3 buttons is about my limit :grinning:

Thanks for the input everyone. Off to Malmouth !

Please someone help, I made a post, then I deleted it and then I wanted to post it again and now I can’t because “the body is to similar to what you have recently posted” :man_facepalming: [edit] ok I’ve hacked it by posting this and then editing the original post in :sunglasses:
How about binding Stationary Attack to double Left Click, like in this video?

If you’d like to test it, download the program from here:
(found a bug thanks to this btw)
  • Tab if you want to disable the feature in-game, the program doesn’t work outside of the game so you don’t have to turn it off

  • (Stationary Attack is bound to “o”)

  • delay1 is the time between the 2nd Left Click and when O is held
    (here it can be 0 but if we had Skill instead of Stationary attack we would need to increase it to work without issues on my laptop)

  • time_gap is the time window after 1st Left Click that you need to press 2nd Left Click in for O Stationary Attack to be held

I like few buttons as well. GDAutocaster program has multiple features to reduce number of buttons. For example 3 types of autocasting for every need, combos, cursor moving casts in the center of the screen, binding skill to LMB when they normally can’t, faster camera rotation and so on. For example in my Korvan Wyrm build in the video the number of buttons needed for casting active/semiactive skills was reduced from 9 to 3 because (Primal Strike on LMB):

  • Word of Renewal is casted automatically with a chosen delay
    (-1 Button, Autocasting on Toggle feature)

  • Savagery is on LMB to but only the 1st Shot on LMB and one Shot every 1.9 seconds
    (-1 Button, Periodic Cast feature)

  • Oleron’s Rage component skill with big damage proccing devotions also on LMB cast ASAR™ (As Soon As Recharged)
    (-1 Button, Autocasting on Button Hold feature)

  • Storm Box, Word of Pain, Wendigo Totem and Inquisitor Seal (centered cast) all combined into 1 Button RMB combo
    (- 3 Buttons, Combo Press and Center Cast features)

I do however hold Space for Stationary attack, still not as lazy as you :wink:

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Downloaded the file. Will give it a shot. Thank you for taking the time to build out for me :+1::handshake:

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Another idea is LMB + RMB. It would work like this:

  • you hold LMB and move

  • you click RMB once and then Stationary Attack button is pressed down…

  • until you release LMB

So in this variation your normal RMB attack would not work if LMB was pressed down at the same time but trigger Stationary Attack untill you release LMB

There is also another option of putting Stationary shooting to LMB pressed down.
How would you move then? Either by (these two options available at the same time)

  • clicking point by point without holding LMB or by

  • holding LMB (which would trigger stationary attack), releasing it and clicking again and holding quickly (it would not trigger Stationary Attack again, I tested it, surprisingly binding single Left Click + Hold still allows you to move by holding LMB with this ‘trick’)

If you’d like this option, just change double_press to false in the config