How to AUTO pick up/loot equipment in GRIM DAWN?

Hey guys,

Wasn’t too sure where to post this, but thought here would be ideal.

I can’t say I’m new to the game as I now have over 115 hours or so, decided to replay the game and noticed there was an automatic loot materials functionality, which I now loved, but I wonder is there a way to legally enable auto pick up of all the equipment as well?

I saw quickly on the net some ppl were mentionnning that there was, but honestly im not too technically inclined when it comes to mods or what not, so what they were saying just confused me.

Is there a step by step guide for newbies on where to go, what to click on etc if that ability really exists, that’d be great as even though I at some point saw no point in this as inventory would get filled out instantly, but its fine by me as I love quickly going back to town selling stuff even if i’d have to do it every 10 minutes, so if someone shares this, that’d be great!

Thanks :slight_smile:

for autopicking most of the stuff (except Blues and Purples)

I also use a macro that repeatedly picks up items while holding Shift
(those not auto-picked up by GI)

remember to filter out yellows, then it shouldn’t be every 10 minutes


Amazing, thanks a lot for a quick reply!

Hi there, I just have a question, I installed the pack, launched it, all is fine, but it did say to disable cloud save as it might not function well with this tool, so i did, but that deleted my character/game progress, or i shouldn’t say deleted as it was back there when I re-enabled cloud save. My goal was to be able to continue single player story mode and do quests normally from where i left off before installing the tool with ability to auto pick up everything and not having to start over from scratch with the new character, so I wonder if I can keep cloud saving ON since the only thing i’d be taking advantage of from the tool would be auto pick up, or if there is no way to continue my game at my current level with this tool present and making sure that the game continues to save all my quest/story progress and that i dont lose anything.

Works fine and you should have your current progress if done correctly.

Edit: cloud saving is generally regarded as unreliable so it’s best to change over.