How to evolve my Savagery/Lightning Druid?

This is the first topic I post in the forums. I have a few difficulties, that I hope can resolve with you. I have 90 hours of playtime, all on my Druid, and curently am at Act 3 on Ultimate Difficulty. I have the Idea to go through the base game and eventually go thruogh AoM and Forgotten Gods. Here is a link to my character: Grim Tools . There are differences between the stats shown there and those ingame. My resistances are capped, except for Chaos resistance (32%). My HP is 16.2k. I am lvl 80 and I spent all of my Attribute points on Physique.
My first question is about damage conversion and does it work well with Savagery. Most importantly is it as usefull as I think, playing lightning focused build. Should I pick Manifastation in the Arcane tree or redistribute the points elsewhere? I know that lightning damage is elemental type of damage, so physycal to elemental conversion should increase it, but thats just my thinking, I don’t know if it works in practice.
I think I’ve invested a lot in defense, but recently I found myself dying in Steps of Torment and trying to get the Runestone of Solael for The Hidden Path quest. I haven’t died once until that moment. Maybe my character is undeveloped for that content. I haven’t used crafted consumables until now, but I am reconsidering that. Should I change something in my Devotion tree? Or make some different choices in my Class trees? I basically rely on raw stats. And I find the Behemoth constellation being most useful and saving my bottom in alot of situations. But sometimes my health regen is not enough. I often use Vendigo totem, usually when surrounded or fighting a strong enemy. Mirror of Eroctoes is my “ou ****” button.
Then comes my DPS. Currently it is at 32k, my largest hit being 65k. I have a lot of damage sources. You can see where I invested most of them in the link above. Should I bind my constellations to different skills? I found that binding Reckless Tempset to my Wind Devil improved it alot. It was bind to Savagery before that. I started kiting a lot when facing more then two Hero Creatures. I have no problem having low DPS as long as I can keep it going and survive.
I think I wrote down everythnig and I be gratefull if I receive helpfull answers.
Thank you!

X to elemental converts x/3 to cold, x/3 to fire and x/3 to lightning. So in fact Manifestation only converts 10% of your phys to lightning. However, you don’t really need it so much because you hardly have any phys. Your weapon is full lightning. The only source is the scraps from Mog’s Pact.

Advice, forget IEE, get Overload back to 12/12, get Feral Hunger to 8/10, and start pushing arcanist mastery. OR forget about Savagery. Use Primal Strike. At this point you’ll deal better dmg and in an area. Savagery is single target unless you roll Feral or Upheaval.


Allright, so I redistribudet my points Manifastation, Wendigo Totem, and the spare points from Overload and maxed Feral Hunger and Upheavel. Did the Twin Falls route, and got 85k crit. 20k more than my previous highest. So that’s an improvement. I find the 33% convertion to health helpfull. And the lightning damage from upheavel synergyses well with the build. I don’t want to switch Savagery to Primal Strike. I like the playstyle with Savagery. Being a wrecking ball face to face with the enemy, keeping the stacks, debuffing with Wind Devil and Nulification. The chaos I spread on the battlefield.