How to have constant 60 fps in big fight?

Hello grim dawners, first sorry for my english. So when i am doing big fight like crucible or SR i get around 30 fps and my CPU/GPU are pretty decent (ryzen 2200/gtx 1060 3gb). The thing i dont understand is that most of the time i am on 60 fps with vsync on and cpu/gpu usage is around 30% and when the drop fps happens during those fights the cpu/gpu dont react they stay on 30%.

and this is in solo so you can guess what is happening in multiplayer.

So I was searching od the forum and find 2 things that helped me a lot.

Put maxthreat=3 instead of 1 in the folder

And affinity thing with disable core 0 and 2 Now the work is divided equally between the 2 cores, before it was all on core 0. (this one was awesome) also tried with disable only core 0 and let the 3 others but the core 2 was working a lot harder and the others.

In video settings i disabled all special effects and made full on medium and even shadow on low because i hate drop fps so much.

In nvidia settings i made program settings grim dawn Vsync/triple buffering on and others stuff for performances.

If somebody have even more tricks I will take it thanks very much.

With vsync on the slightest drop from 60 will bring you down to the next multiple of your display’s refresh rate which is usually 30. My only advice is make sure as few as possible tasks are running in the background, vsync off and/or settings down even more.

Edit: also try to make sure your pc isn’t running too hot. If laptop you are unfortunately SOL.

Invest in a gsync/free sync monitor in the future if you are able. Freedom from vsync nuking your fps to avoid tearing is incredible!

I’m a technodummy…but what IS vsync

Vsync synchronized FPS to your monitor refresh rate. If your FPS is steady and have powerful system you can turn it on but usually it’s better to be off.

My question isn’t how to achieve 60 FPS in tough battles but 6. In SR very often have like 3 or 4 :astonished:

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Myquestion is how do i get the money to buy a new computer

Oh I can’t answer this, since am asking the same question. My only solution is to stop eating and paying bills. But if I don’t have electricity will be little bit pointless to have PC :smile:

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I am not on laptop but i am not sure about vsync off since my monitor is a 75hz, i will look for those gsync monitor didnt even know about it.

Try run on DX9 if you are not already it may help :smile:

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Thanks for the advice, I am playing DX9, it’s better.

How do you do this? :stuck_out_tongue:

Vsync should always be off unless you are noticing intolerable screen tearing. If you arent sure what that effect looks like you can find on YouTube. The monitors with gsync or freesync eliminate screen tearing themselves and therefore you are free from vsync.

I copy what they said on the forum:
If you are on steam > open library > right click Grim Dawn > Properties > Set launch options /d3d9.
If you are on GOG Galaxy >Select Grim Dawn > More > Settings > /d3d9
If you have the GOG game without Galaxy > right click game shortcut > properties > write /d3d9 at the end of the path so it looks like this: …/grim dawn/grimdawn.exe/" /d3d9


Thanks for the guidance :slight_smile:

ik its not a new topic but i found solution that gave me smooth gameplay while being able to play on very high with 50-100fps when before i had 60 to 20 drops on mostly low. and the trick is simple and mentioned on web . i did not expect so huge boost. if Anyone has a fps problems You have to set grim dawn affinity in task manager DISABLING CORE 0 . i guess core 0 is used by system and by grim dawn and system takes huge amount of that core. when you disable it grim dawn will use other “free cores” at least that’s what i made from it.

yeah true but for me i have 4 core and when i disabled core 0 all goes on core 1 and the 2 others are not working=same as before so i disabled core 0 and 1 and found a balance between core 3 and 4

Post your new builds, add YouTube vids and get 1 million views! :stuck_out_tongue:

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If only!

I can always dream…:rofl:

I have videos with over 1k viewers. So I need “only” 999k more. And will buy PC which can provide more than 6FPS in SR :smile:

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How often do you make vids. If you focus primarily on helping other players by creating daily useful guides, inspirational content, etc.

Though to be fair GD doesn’t have a sufficient audience [YET] to scale those views up into millions. You would have to add other games into the mix, especially big titles like Minecraft, League of Legends, DorkFights (sorry fortnight fans, I can’t resist :smiling_imp:)

I was joking.

I am not YouTube gamer. Upload 2-3 videos per week, primarily my builds.

I haven’t played any of the listed games and am usually noob at gaming. So I can’t really be pro.

About GD some guys have many viewers but they are mostly players with multiple games portfolio. Guys like Spanks, Jabby, Lee and all other builders in the forum don’t have broader audience.

Furthermore my processor is weak, so I record videos with very low quality.