How to help regen in GD?

After playing for a while it becomes obvious that adcth and spell leech dominates. Simply dominates.

How to help regen be a thing? Is it too far gone? Or is it ok as a very niche thing now?

The answer is extremely simple. Keep sprinkling sources of hp regen around. Keep buffing existing sources.

We requested meat shield’s 100% constitution be replaced with 50-100% health regeneration on top of its flat bonus. Also got everliving grove gloves buffed to be the only gloves with total speed on them.

The issue is if you REALLY want hp regen to be one of your primary sources of tankiness, you end up sacrificing a TON of dps unlike with lifesteal. However you tend to end up with way more health too but it’s not worth the damage loss.

So basically hp regen needs to be buffed so you need less hp regen items for it to become adequate for defense. It’s the sort of thing Zantai is taking the right approach to, to be fair. Just slowly incrementing them up in order to avoid them suddenly becoming ungodly strong for survival.

Among praetorians we like to say that hp regen becomes relevant in end game combat once you have over 1000 or so.

The best thing you can do is suggest places where HP regen ought to be added and places where it ought to be buffed further. I appreciate this thread as hp regen being an almost dead stat has bothered me for over a year now. Let’s use this thread to make suggestions for added hp regeneration and existing hp regen buffs.

I love you for this and hope we can get the community talking about it.

Health regen can be very helpful for people who want to play more ranged combat / DoT / kiting styles of play. People who facetank will naturally get enough leeching from ACDTH, but people who don’t have the means to facetank will definitely benefit from getting high regen so that they can recover sufficiently between enemy charge attacks.

A large issue with these types of builds is that the more you run, the worse DPS you have (if it’s not a DoT build, that is), so I would give more Health / Energy regen to caster armor as they have very little in terms of survivability if they’re relying on high-cooldown skills to survive. I would see which spells are still too weak to rely on as a primary skill, and see if extra regen can make the difference between allowing you to use the skill to its full potential and having to run away because you’re taking more damage than the enemy is.

AAR and Mortar Trap are examples of skills that don’t have many builds testing them or using them in any sufficient capacity. Channeling builds in general definitely need good regen so they can stay planted while casting the spell.

I definitely was thinking along those lines. Would be nice for some heavy options too. But basically gear centered around skills without weapon damage are good candidates for hp Regen.

It would be nice if Regen was an option to be a core part of your build’s defense. Like a component for hands only with hp Regen to compete with the lifesteal one. Same for weapons.

The only build I’ve played where health regen actually made a noticeable difference was Fluff’s Avenger Warder, where the set proc can shoot it up to 1.5k thanks to having two tank classes, 90 extra base regen, and a 200% multiplier. At the same time, it’s also a class with a giant HP pool, skills centered around regen and huge %WD skills to back it up, which most casters won’t have.

In all other cases, it’s outdone by ADCTH for small hits or healing skills like PB or WoR, which have instant chunks of health restored on demand. A lot of the time, base regen values on skills are just too low to do anything with, like soldier’s Veterancy, which provides 50 HP/sec for 10 skill points. If regen is going to do anything for defense, you just need a much higher value on those skills to work with, or all the multipliers still won’t do much.