How to improve "entertainment" in early game stage?

In my village, residents are often unhappy very early in the game because they lack “entertainment.”

In fact, the term in my German version is “Unterhaltung”, but I think “entertainment” is the correct translation.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the remotest idea what I could do so early in the game to improve this factor.

What is meant by “entertainment”? And how can I improve it in phase 1 or 2 of the game?

Entertainment shouldn’t be something they’re wanting early game. That doesn’t happen until you get near or into Tier 3 housing when the town centre is also upgraded to T3 and you can have pubs and build theatres which are the only 2 things that provide entertainment in the game atm.

I figured that was the way it was supposed to be. Still, after about 4 ingame years, I see the entertainment bar at about 20% when I look at why my residents aren’t completely satisfied.

And that, although neither the houses nor the village center are upgraded to T2.

Maybe it’s a bug, and maybe only the display is wrong, but not the function itself?

Maybe. What difficulty are you playing on?

I play on the easiest level, but not in pacifist mode.

Strange, they certainly shouldn’t be concerned about entertainment that early on.