How to increase Stun res for Gladiator?

Hi guys,

Finally completed my build and now looking into finishing Gladiator.
I could use some tips on how to increase Stun resistance - I’d prefer augments or components, but I guess potions or some item swap could work too. Im also uploading my Devotion setup. Any comments on that?

These are the core stats

And Devotions


Leathery hide and Ulo blessing are your best friends against stun

thats for the helmet?

6/10 conversion is also very solid for Gladiator purpose with arcanist. ;>


Some other options/ideas would be greens with of Kings or of the Flesh Hulk or many others, those 2 are the only ones i remember.

Maiven’s Sphere of Protection has a modifier called ‘Conversion’ that also adds resistance to some debuffs such as freeze and in your case, stun as well.

Thunderstruck prefix is also very nice.

Empowered Perdition gloves are also nice but very situational, not worth considering here.

Should I level the sphere of protection too or just 1 point to get to Conversion?

Preference i suppose. Personally, I one point it as i don’t like the total damage modifier and with + skills, you can get a fair bit of damage absorption cheap. Though, i don’t play Gladiator Crucible so i’m not certain if you’d need the extra absorption for more defense.

Thanks guys i think ill spec into the Conversion and also do use Leathery hide component to get 60-70 % res and then off i go :slight_smile:

Also, 1 point in Empty Throne helps (if you have Ascendant affinity).