How to isolate the oversized maggot to kill?

Trying to get to Crate. There’s too many maggots around the one I need to kill to open the next portal. How do I separate it (or what’s the best strategy to identify and isolate) from the others so I don’t have them all swarming me so I can kill it and get the portal open ?

Disable your damage auras and just walk amongst them, they don’t attack until provoked. The oversized one is slightly larger, darker and you can hover over the maggots to see their name and identify the right one. Then just nuke it (your dps should be great if you consider fighting Crate) and rush the portal.

That’s mostly true (there are random ones that do chase and attack with skills inactive) but as soon as you go after the one to get the next portal they do attack you. I’m running a Vitality life leech so my DPS is not huge but the life drain compensates in most cases. Have not had much of an issue till now but the maggots take a long time to kill and they can still one shot me - that’s why I need to get the one to kill singled out of possible.

Does the one you need to nuke have a different name to the rest ? All I can see is there is one that is a slightly different colour. Don’t suppose there is a screenshot I can look at ? I’m gonna be very embarrassed to find I haven’t identified the correct one :grinning:

It’s called “Perfectly Usual Oversized Maggot” in contrary to the other Oversized Maggots.
You can see how it looks here :

Thanks, that’s perfect. Hopefully I can get back to it and take it out and move on to the next portal soon.

The oversized maggots are very susceptible to crowd control effects such as stun, freeze and knockback. By spamming CC skills you can easily render them immobile and run past them or kill them for sports.

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