How to kill beast nemesis?)

just found beast nemesis(kubacabra). tell me how to kill it?) this hp restore on bloody ground makes me mad

lol that’s the lease of your problems as you will find out battling it, my advice? a metric crap ton of kiting, at lease that’s what I did for all 1/2/4 of them lol

tried to kite him a lot, but a random bloodspil and he full again

He doesn’t heal, atleast his heal isn’t strong enough to be noticeable but he does split

Kupacabra the Endless Menace
Kupacabra the Enduring
Kupacabra the ??? (I forgot)

In a closed space you might as well not bother w/o a good build. In an open environment try to kite him, it’s harder than kiting Fabius but easier than Iron Maiden. Then again you can actually beat Maiden 1v1 this guy is seldom 1v1.

Watch out for those blood pools they apply bleed dot

I just ran into him on Elite. I was level 76 with a build that was full of pretty good defense. As it turned out, he was still critting a little too often (10%). I fixed my devotions and got that down to 3%. Now I could tank him, and I’d get him down to 25%-50% health, and he’d regen.

As it turns out, that breath skill, not the pools of blood, will heal him. It might be a health transfer ability, as my health drops fast when he does that as his health goes up.

I think I’d need to get my defense over 2000 to be able to face tank him with more than 2 at a time. I found I had to run until he’d breath, then kill him for a few seconds, then run until he does that breath attack. He doesn’t have that many HP, but that breath attack will heal him to full rather fast.

I imagine with higher DPS than I had (39K sheet dps, but probably over 80K actual), you might be able to out damage his heal, though it might be more of a race to kill him between cool downs of it.

I had max bleed, vitality, chaos (or first sheet resists but stun was max), and 78% life steal resists, so I’m not sure if you can just put on resist gear. Or maybe someone else has figured out what damage type it is.