How to kill Queen Ravna with storm totem build?

You are trying to kill a lightning based enemy with lightning attacks. I have a lightning 2H Warder with full Ultos set and even with Arcane Bomb and Viper, it still takes me 2 to 4 minutes to kill him (the full fight is me constantly attacking him while tanking his hits).

Yeah, i got it. Today I came across Ben’Jahr and killed him within reasonable 10 minutes. And by the way no way I can kill The Sentinel. Not even close :frowning: I think Druid Lighting Totem build is not for Ultimate.

Lightning 1208% / 20% chance of +200% damage / 33% chance of +438%
Electrocute 818%
Fire 692%
Burn 346%
Physical 134%

Generally it’s just lightning damage with fire and a bit of physical. However having 3 level 23/16 Storm Totems and 3 level 25/16 Mortars out can deal quite a bit of damage both AoE and single target damage.

3 Storm Totems = 5,514 - 18,804 lightning damage with Reckless Tempest Devotion attached which is easy to proc.

3 Mortars = 22,290 - 28,578 lightning/fire/physical damage with Elemental Storm Devotion attached for even more AoE damage and debuffs. Also can stun and “The Big One” having a large AoE slow dealing 6,029 - 6,479 as physical/fire.

Also with 20% Tempest and 33% Stormcaller’s Pact procs for more lightning damage that also is quite a boost overall. More so since I have 28% Physical to Lightning conversion and the Harvest Grips giving a 5% chance of an additional 123% damage.

I think just having so many stacked on damage skills, the procs for more damage and then some supplementary fire/physical damage simply just does well overall. Debuffs also help a lot I’m sure. 31% lightning/fire resistance debuff from Thermite Mine on top of the Elemental Storm’s -30 resistance debuff. Flashbang/Grasping Vines/Cannister Bomb all easily proc item skills as well what with 2 chain lightnings, 1 lightning bolt, pyroclasm and prowess buff.

Also I’ve managed to find a few gear upgrades plus I think traded for 2 items (relic/badge) and now have 64k as my highest hit. Not sure what hit it but whatever.

I’ll try and find Valdaran and see how that goes as it’s been awhile since I’ve last played this character :wink:
Sentinel was an easy fight though I can’t kill Mogdrogon on Ultimate.

edit: Valdaran is definitely a bit more tricky and probably took 7-8 minutes maybe and far longer to find him.

Dusted off my old elementalist toon, he’s using storm totem and wind devil for damages. Killed mad queen in ~3mins on ultimate. Self found gear :stuck_out_tongue: I’d say it’s decent.

So I should’ ve gone Shaman/Demo instead of Shaman/Arcanist then :cry: