How to kill Queen Ravna with storm totem build?

Just the question. I 'm using Storm Totem / Wind devil but they just can’t hit her fast enough. She heals her too quickly. I have all the possible -resistance gear but still can’t kill her at Ultimate.

Many builds fail the dps test that the Queen is, sounds like yours is one of them.

Kite her around the pillar in the room. She only heals if you get hit by the projectiles she shoots out when she takes damage while her red aura is active. By kiting her around the pillar you will get hit much less often by the projectiles, thus less healing. Kiting should be really easy with your build even though it might take a while because your DPS is mediocre on single targets.

Unfortunitly while the storm totem build is very viable in ultimate it is also towards the lower end of DPS - especially single target dps. Kiting her around the pillar should work eventually but it’ll be a slow drawn out fight and if you make many mistakes she will easily out-heal your damage. I tried for 10 minutes with a build with similar dps and got her to 25% once but then got hit by yet more projectiles and decided it wasn’t worth my time with that build… but definitely doable with enough time/patience/practice.

My Elementalist deals with the Mad Queen quite easily. Just tried for the first time and it was just running around the room throwing down Storm Totems / Mortars while using Flashbang/Grasping Vines/Thermite Mines for debuffs.

Probably took like 3-5 minutes or so?

edit: Highest damage I have with the build is like 54k which isn’t amazing I suppose. Having 3 Totems + 3 Mortars is rather enjoyable to see however.

I am not Elementalist. I chose Druid :frowning: I tried kiting her around the pillar but then could only down her HP to ~ minus 25%. I will try not get hit tomorrow. Probably that will help. Thanks all! My stats are ~5500 Lightning damage on Storm Totem (upper range), 2300 OA.

Sorry, but the Druid caster builds need a good bit of a DPS buff. Wind Devil, Storm Totem, and Skyshards require so many skill points to do competitive DPS.

And it could be somewhat viable with one (!) small fix - Crate should make Wind Devil and Storm Totem proc on attack/crit skills (granted skills on items). That’s it!

This is not true. The heal she has can not be prevented in any way and she uses it regardless of player actions. Suggesting you can avoid the heal in some way is counterproductive.

I never even noticed she has a heal and I only have 20k sheet DPS with dual deviltongues. :confused::confused::confused:

While he said Ravana it was fairly clear he meant Mad Queen. No one has trouble with Ravana.

I must be slow because I have no idea what the difference is.

Edit: Never mind, I only just found out what the “Hidden Path” is. Today I learned.

yes, of course, I meant Mad Queen. Sorry for the confusion.

I believe the heal can be prevented by simply staying away which few builds can do effectively.

She has multiple heals. One is a casted self-heal similar to skills like pneumatic burst, which she will cast in a cycle and it cannot be prevented. She has a few other sources of healing, namely lifeleeching the player which can be avoided by not being hit.

I see. I suppose ignoring the life leeching heal and then simply having decent damage made it a bit hard to see if she healed at all. That and her being usually off screen while I’m running away to drop more traps.

Her fight is rather easy though I have some good items. Just tried the Guardian for Hidden Path as I thought a smaller room would be more challenging but that fight also proved to be rather easy.

Not super quick like other builds but rather safe consistent damage without much worry of dying.

I have already about 1450% Lightning damage, 1200% Electrocute damage, 2400 OA and 119% bonus crit damage but still can’t get hits higher than ~10k. I don’t know what else can be done for Storm Totem/Wind Devil Druid to increase its damage substantially enough to kill Mad Queen :cry: My Storm Totem is lvl 17, Stormcaller’s Pact at lvl21 and Wind Devil is 4-13-16.

Its not about the damage, you can whittle her down. Its those bloody red darts (and I mean bloody as in they look as though they are dripping blood) if you get hit by one it is a set back, if you get hit by 2-3 she can do a near full heal.

Just encountered Voldran. OMG, what a fight it was:rolleyes: I was kiting him for 43 minutes ) Very tedious and boring fight. How the devs can’t see that Storm Totem is not OK damage-wise.

Although Valdaran is the Aethial nemesis, he is mostly lightning based and therefore comes with high lightning resists… Storm totem is definitely not the best weapon vs him…