How to kill ravager with a cabalist

I killed him again, in ultimate,this time i ran around a tree.

The ravager AI is so dumb that u may wanna laugh.


surprised you need to kite so much. Taunt should do the job vs single target. I mean it worked vs mog with conjurer. That is if you let taunt do the work first and only then cast your debuffs and spells

the original build

I don’t know man, i didn’t even use curse of frailty on him, he just tried to pick me up every single time, i didn’t reap spirit him either. He always try to kick my ass, he ran after me throughout the video…

But i guess not facetanking him as a summoner actually makes sense, as the caster is supposed to be weak herself. This video offers an invaluable lesson to future summoner players-----how to kite an annoying conceited asshole .

I have finished the ran, i will edit the video with final cut pro later after some problem sets, then i will upload it to youtube and give out a link.

Did you wait for Hellhound or Blighfiend to taunt first.? Btw the more you invest in the taunt skill the more likely it is to actually taunt. Beastcaller talisman also gives more threat generated by hell hound, or blight fiend eldritch whisper suffix

Well, my rotting fumes is level 20… i always let my pets go first, but ravager always diverts his attention after a few seconds…

It really depends on which ravager you have. I got Ravager of minds and his bleed AOE kills me and my pets.

The video is alive, some quality of life hacks!;););););););):wink:


You have ember claw too? I really think you can do this without kiting in under 5 minutes. The tree is a sound strategy though:D

Edit: Watched the video closely. You will notice that the Ravager attacks your pets and not you for a while, and then turns to attack you. This is because he targets the pet that has taunted him and kills it. When he kills blight fiend he turns to you. When he kills hell hound, he turns to you again. you just need to keep them alive more. Try controlling them a bit too. Moving them in and out of battle couple of meters. If the die, they have to taunt ravager all over again and meanwhile he chases you.

I can’t see your build calc cause you didn’t post it but having TD with unstable anomaly could also be a a strategy. Having 2-3 fiends up to confuse the ravager and make him keep switching targets. Could be quite sneaky;)

Yes, I have level 5 ember claws when I fight him.(I also change my shoulders into one that gives my pets 42% overcapped bleed res)

I sacrificed a whole lot dps cuz i didn’t activate hungering void and curse of fraity to draw aggro away from me. ----if I don’t have to kite and with blown-out dps, I could bring the killing time under 5 minutes.

Unstable anomaly sounds like an excellent strategy!—I will try it out!

He mainly focus his attention on me, see in the beginning no pets died but he suddenly rush to my face? Yes, rotting fumes and ember claws work but not very reliable.

The thing is—Ravager is Usain Bolt, if you run in a straight line, he will outpace you and tear you apart. But the funny part of monsters’ AI is that you could
exploit the fact that they have a hard time running in circles-----I run in circles in crucible to deal with annoying little shit like Iron maiden and Fabius.

Well hopefully the stacked fiends with unstable anomaly will make him stay out. I can see him sometimes being unable to decide between you and fiend.

Also. Emeber claws are ineffective at under 6 levels. Try pumping a few more points in it.

The set up that killed ravager: (I swapped the shoulder for mythical mantle of patron in crucible and everywhere else)

This is also my final build, this build :
can finish glad crucible and kills ravager too, but it’s much easier to gear for.

I think i will start out to write a more detailed guide on witching hour cabalist in the class&build section of the forum.