How to know which item/skill is better?

a very general question. I can post the build I use but I would know in general how do I know which decision would be better or where I get information about it.

A few examples: I have a Purifier with the Stronghold set. The game tells my that if I would replace the Stronghold revolver with an Exterminator, my DPS would be +4000 higher. Ofc I would loose the full set boni and the weapon procs.
So, is there I way I know which weapon would better? Can I test it somewhere? I know about the test dummies, but are the usefull for such a thing?

Next example:
My Conjurer is focused on pet elemtal damage. At the moment I am not specced into ember claw, but because it adds some nice fire damage it could be a good choice. How to know?

And so on and on.

Another, rather easy question:
-RR% and RR dont stack as far as I know, how do I chose in which to focus?

Some builds from me dont really have a choice, others do.
The Cabalist can use CoF and Ravenous Earth, the first does %RR, the second just RR. Which would be better? Does it change depending of other sources of resist reduction?

Thanks for the help.

Stick to Stronghold. Never look at dps unless you’re leveling and wanna quickly swap a temporary weapon.

Dummy tests don’t reflect AoE capacity. Also, they don’t include on hit procs as nothing is hitting you. Obviously, useless for full retaliation.

The closest to a “real life” test is Crucible. But even there you got mutators, and player skill is a big factor. So it’s hard to decide on little things based on it. You gotta develop a feel for the stats. And then test. A lot. And read other people’s reports, join discussions.

In my experience Ember Claw was kinda crap. The whole Hellhound was kinda crap compared with other pets. But I’m not an expert there, and things might have changed.

You must have misunderstood someone. They do stack. With each other. And “-x% res” also stacks with self. “x reduced” (flat rr) and “x% reduced” do stack with each other but not with self. So you take as much “-x% res” as is available and one source of “x reduced” and “x% reduced” each.

BTW on a vitality cabalist you probably wanna use Revenant devotion with flat rr. Foul Eruption is not always consistent.

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Thanks alot for the help. Guess I have to look at some of my RR´s then.