How to make this Callidor's Tempest sorceress better?


I’ve create a Callidor’s sorcerer draft after my gunslinger sorcerer was out of job and after few days of painful leveling/trading/component farming/min-maxing and tweaking this is what I got:
Callidor’s Tempest Mehvastation

It is fun to play and it’s great killing ordinary heroes and going thru areas at max speed (134/135% walking speed + slow res) but big purple bosses and nemeses are kinda painful to farm. I honestly have no idea where to improve it, I’ve gathered as much flat aether as I could, all my items give modifiers to my main skill, I have Devastation on 12,8 seconds cooldown as a support firepower plus transmuted overcapped BWC with little electrocute buff, I got all kinds of debuffs possible, 3 shields, maxed out casting speed, but it still feels meh and I can’t exactly facetank Fabius and his overall killing time is meh.

Mirage Seru feels meh, Phoenix feels meh, maxed out Callidor with all kinds of steroids feels meh. What did I do wrong?

Is that your actual health? That is way too low for level 100 Ultimate.

It’s not a problem here, I have 3 shields + mirror on very low cooldown + decent life leech. Additional health wouldn’t help me versus Fabius in any way for example. My problem here is damage versus tough single targets.

Try this.

I suggest to drop Inferno to onepointer, its borderline useless, literaly everething sits at 80+% fire resist and you wont even notice minor burns. Use fire CT with Invoker rings and fire devotions+transmuted CT or forget about burns/ele dmg.
Agrivix shoulders, body and offhand are terrible, they deserve a buff cause right now there is no reason to use them unless you want the look. Wrath of ascendant >>>> warpfire. Same for Decree. Claivoyant hat > Maw . With your pitifull dmg output ADCtH is non-existant unless you stick with Haunt relic.

Why you need Starpact for cdr when you main dmg output skill is CT has no cd, Reckless power has bonus cast speed and % aether bonus which boost ur dmg, bwc is good for its burn nor fire ->aether dmg (is there an aether decay dmg type? ), I think 1 point for proc or debuff enough.

Against Fabius and the old nemeses, maybe it’s not the problem. But against Grava, that’s definitely a problem as you’re sitting on just about 5k (or 6k?) hp after reductions and that guy can hit for 13k, maybe even more given your armor/phys resist. He can also nullify your mirror so it can be useless at times. And since you’re using untransmuted CT, you’re gonna be facetanking a lot more so it’s always wise to invest a lot more in defense.

He has 200% Cast speed already without Reckless Power and the CDR from star pact for things like Mirror and Devastation is more useful than the damage increase from Reckless Power.

It seems like you have no offensive devotions whatsoever, how well does your build do?

I will try Wrath of the Ascendant, don’t have a Decree. I used Agrivix set because of the bonuses to Callidor’s Tempest it gives (namely flat Aether damage + bonuses from off-hand) but overall set is very very disappointing. If I don’t buff Inferno where do I put those skill points? :slight_smile: I might test Invoker set too. BTW, ADCtH is good with Maw of the Damned and 6% total ADTcH. Maybe with bigger weapon damage I will do better.

Thanks for all the advice, more advice is welcome. Gonna be testing stuff now.