How to make your own Gladiator: a guide

60 might have been a low estimate; looking back at the build I was basing things on, its RR usually comes out in the 80s, and that’s the lowest end for my physical chars. Guess I forgot to include the results from the ring and augment. Also, never enough flat damage.

Very creative application of Mythical Undying Oath, i can say =) Well done!

You said something about DoT casters. Pretty much everything you wrote applies to them. The only things that are different are DoT stacking, the importance of crit/OA, and increased duration.

Dot stacking is already explained in the thread I linked. For crit/OA generally needs to be bigger than flat damage builds cause the highest damage dot rolls will take priority from the same source. That means one crit at the start (esp those inflicted with full RR) will be there for the next 4-6 seconds until that dot expires or until you get a better crit.

You’ll want around 200%+ increased duration especially on those builds where main skills have high cooldowns. Dots usually have 2-3 seconds base duration, so making those last for 6-9 seconds will leave you more space before reapplying skills with 5s cooldowns (BWC, Blade Arc). Also with increased duration, those highrolled crits with RR will last longer and won’t be overwritten. Highly valuable because RR on dots is only checked when the dot is applied. Increased duration will also allow you to kite more, enabling you to build more on offense instead of defense, but this part isn’t as relevant atm cause the focus on cruci right now is on cleartime and more kiting will only decrease cleartime.

Can I please add this quote to the guide completely? This info is very useful.

Sure, no problem!

Added it with some minor correction. Thank you very much!

Added pt. I.8 describing Peculiarities of using DoT damage types (credits to @x1x1x1x2)

Great guide! Thank you a lot for writing it. :slight_smile:
And I will eagerly wait for the next sections!

Survivability section is already big now, and I didn’t describe everything I wanted to. So, working hard on it


  • Chapter II: Survivability has arrived.
  • Minor corrections in Chapter I.
  • Added chapter III: Resources for reference.

This has freaking evolved into a phd thesis.

Dr. Veretragna (PhD GD)

You’ll be surprised, but I actually wrote a PhD thesis in real life :smiley:
Still, I’m not PhD because my experiment was failed due to Force Majeure, and now my thesis lies idle.

I’m not surprised at all mate.

Just surprised it didn’t work out.

Did you try the experiment again with buffs/banners?

Tried Stonewall Banner but tired to clean the sand from the equipment :smiley:

Bro. That’s the problem. It’s vanguard banner or “why even bother”

Bumping this ahead so others don’t miss the update.


  • Renamed chapter “III. Resources” to chapter “IV. Resources”
  • Added chapter “III. Banners and Blessings impact on build’s OA and DA required”

I’m interested in adding Peculiarities of using Retaliation damage, and expanding explanation about Health Regeneration. I’ll try to write something about them, but any help on this is welcome.

Do people even play that at cruci? Between ret being shit against ranged and BK counterstrike being so good I don’t (pure) retaliation is great right now. Maybe if you hybridize it then maybe it will work.

BK is the only reason for this question. Well, I think without BK retaliation have no sense. Still I have no experience in Retaliation to judge

It’s a little better than that except in very fringe edge-cases (at very low values of OA and DA). Reducing enemy OA by some amount is much better than gaining the same amount of DA, and vice versa, due to how OA and DA interact. As a rule of thumb, an OA/DA reduction is about equivalent to gaining 10% more than that value of OA/DA; e.g., a 180 Reduction is roughly a 198 (180 + 18) gain.