How to nerf Cyclone without nerfing Cyclone -- or to nerf Cyclone? I'm spinning in circles here, please help me out

Ok, this threat is kind of a continuation of this one, where I wondered how the Cyclone set could possibly be nerfed in

Well, my Cyclone SB still does Crucible in 5:40, so…

What’s the problem here? Please discuss!

Since I only really have experience with the SB variant, I’d love to know how other Cyclone builds do now in (especially Elementalist & Sorcerer, but Archon should definitely be in there, too). Is the set still broken across the whole board? Or only on Shieldbreakers?

This is what I think, at least in regards to the Shielbreaker variant, to be the biggest issue with Cyclone atm:

It’s the massive damage conversion happening everywhere on the side, with fire>lightning as the biggest factor in the build’s performance. Being able to utilize the full potential of as much as three great offensive skills from the Demolitionist’s tree (Thermite Mines, Canister Bomb & BWC) without any drawback might just be too much.

Possible solution:

  • Remove the fire>lightning conversion on either M. Dawnshard Hauberk or Cindertouch.

Benefits: according to my tests (Cyclone SB with 82% fire>lightning conversion), the build loses about 30 seconds of Crucible clear time just with this change.

Downside: I have no idea what other builds these items might support, and thus what this change could break*. Input? Could the damages to other builds be mitigated by e.g. adding skill-specific modifiers to compensate for this?

*(I also haven’t tested any setups including the Stormfire Sapphire amulet; but those would lose a ton of survivability in addition to some damage, since it would force a rearrangement of a few other gear slots, so I’m not sure that’s even an option. I will try to play around with it a little though this week.)

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