How to Prevent a Population Crisis

Step 1. Be the Pentagon
Step 2. Publicly announce this:
Step 3. Wait

Well that’s interesting :p.

I wish i was back in high school when my friends and i used to blow stuff up with random makeshift bombs :rolleyes:

Hell, these Pentagon guys got a sick sense of humour.

Does that mean Gary McKinnon from the UK gets the bounty for doing exactly that back in 2002? :rolleyes:

Biological attack has always had the problem of instance coverage.
Simply put the mass roll out has to be significant enough to erode the ability of a nation to mobilize to contain it.

Everyone loves the idea of zombie Apocalypse with mass roaming hordes of brain hungry undead; but the closest truth would be nothing like you would enjoy of a slowly shuffling brain gobbling protest against the living.

Instead look to what already exists in nature a parasite that mind controls it’s host to locate itself in an optimal place to grow and spread.
I am of course talking about Leucochloridium (

If you we’re to weaponise the principle you would create a parasite that was spore based that causes it’s victims paranoia and light sensitivity as it erodes the brain.

As reason & judgement erodes the victims would seek to hide in the most strangest places leaving a crossing of spore as they shift about that would be easily carried by the wind and would unlike a virus or bacteria strain survive longer term or even go into a dormant stage to preserve itself in hot/cold environments.

If all you want to cause is a lot of population damage and you don’t have the skills for that all you wanna be mad scientists, then the standard twelve monkeys plague release formula might seem like a good idea.

But it’s not, or at least not by itself mobilization and categorization of disease is actually pretty efficient and a lot of the drugs that are in use today actually target parts of the cell cycle that viruses & bacteria exploit.

As in finding out what sort of contagion it is swiftly leads to an easy roll out.

Therein lies it’s Achilles heel, knowledge of the contagion.

Obfuscating it enough to cause enough collateral damage is a matter of creating a contagion that the effect of which can be mimicked by simple chemical exposure.

Rolled out together hospitals would overflow trying to figure out who has a disease and who has chemical exposure trying to treat both with the ‘cure’ and finding it only working on random amounts of people.

Then they would have to track down the sources of exposure and try to find where the contagion was initially spread & essentially that would confound tracking of both.

What of course eclipses this in potential influence already is in existence.
The Zika virus that causes Microcephaly.
It’s hard to control as Mosquitoes can be anywhere there is still water about.
It has a definite human cost (though not specifically deadly it causes significant burden over lifespan).
It creates carriers that spread it because they don’t realize they have it (
Lastly it’s brand spanking new similar apparently to dengu, but that leaves a lot out and apparently there’s not a cure yet.

I have to take my hat off to you, mother nature you really are a bit’ of an it’ch.

I’d have to say if I was a mad scientist, the simple route is often the best…
Go for a virus that already affects children that we don’t well control like whooping cough, get a sample, make a long thin trough with Agar, spread known antibiotics etc. down it in a concentration gradient with saturated at one end and the virus culture at the other, & let it migrate it’s way along to multi-resistant status then introduce via Halloween candy, proceeding to start work on evil laugh.