How to reset completely a character?

I know the game doesn’t offer you the possibility of doing this, but I guess it’s possible to do it maybe editing a file or something?.

What I have in mind is, to copy my main toon and then reset the clones to whatever class, attribute points or devotions I want, a fresh start.

Any ideas how to do it?.


Delete the character and start a new one?

Completely resets everything.

So you want a max level blank character file? There’s one already out there. Just look around.

There is something out there called a trainer that might be able to do this for you.

I like the game, I do, wasting 40+ hours of my life to test a build that requires a level 60 toon is not gonna happen.

Too much reality.

I can understand that. It’s why I’ve done the same. And now that I’ve got my build all good and I’ve beaten the game once with my toon, I’m going to farm using my new char and see if I can get better equip.

Here’s a ready-to-go character. All you need to do is change his/her name (can do it via the only good trainer out there that you can find on google). Have fun!

grim dawn trained hard … google it.

I hope this is not against the rules… otherwise i apologize.

So, you like the game, yet you feel like actually playing the game is wasting your life…

Alrighty then.

I think what he means is that he doesn’t want to spend time rerunning all four “chapters” 200-300 times to test every idea he has. It would probably take many, many months, and maybe a couple years if one has no job or anything else to do. Plus, if it’s single player, not as fun as if you were to run the game on LAN with a friend (in which case I think making a char from scratch is best for such scenarios). The logical thing would be to see if a build works, and then play the character for enjoyment, hence having blank characters is ideal.

This. I use it for resetting skill + attribute points, and the occasional name change. Not a fan of giving myself free iron + xp, but that’s available, too.