How to switch off these upgrade icons?

How can I switch these upgrade icons off? I know one can toggle all icons over buildings by pressing F2. But, is it possible to only switch off these upgrade icons?

Depends on which ones you mean. Housing is auto upgrade unless you click the box on the top right of the screen; manual upgrade of housing isn’t possible. Otherwise, no there’s no way to turn it off for production buildings.

I think there should be a button to disable those upgrade icons. I don’t want all buildings to be maxe upgrade, it takes away the variety of buildings

Well, just because they show a building can be upgraded doesn’t mean you have to do it. I never upgrade my hunters for example. But yes, it would be nice to be able to switch them off so they didn’t show all the time.

the other buildings are fine but the wells look very uncomfortable.
it used to be fine until the 0.8.2 update

That’s exactly the point! And then, I don’t wanna see these annoying upgrading icons all the time. Perhaps, is there a mod you does this?